Sermon Notebook Bundle

In a world full of constant distractions, entertainment, and instant gratification, even adults are up against a lot when it comes to staying engaged with what is being taught at church. Our kids and teens face similar distractions. Plus some struggle with sitting still, understanding big words, and many other totally normal things.

The Sermon Notebook Bundle is here to help you get more out of the sermon!

  • Beautiful design appropriate for kids, teens, and even adults!
  • Easy to carry to church (about the same size as your Bible)
  • Spiral bound so you can fold it back and take notes easily
  • Offers prompts that aren't distracting, but help you focus  

Available in three age levels: primary (ages 5-7), junior (ages 8-12), and teen/adult. 

This bundle includes 4 resources:

  1. Sermon Notebook
  2. Books of the Bible Bookmark
  3. Matching Page Marker Set
  4. Gel Pen Set

Save big when you bundle. Makes the perfect gift!

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews

It's the perfect journal to fit into a mini backpack for a teen. My daughter loves the pens also!!

Great Gift for Kids & Parents

We put three sets of these on our Christmas wish list-2 for our daughters ages 6 and 10 and one for me! It was so fun to have matching journals and the girls have LOVED the pens. Even the 6 yo who has struggles with writing words has been drawing pictures
of things discussed during the sermon in her notebook. These are awesome & so much better than toys that would just break or ultimately be donated to decrease clutter. A terrific gift idea for aunts/uncles & grandparents who want to know what to get the
kids for Christmas!

Alyssa H
Happy boy, Happy parents!

I bought the sermon bundle for my 7 year old son who usually spends most of the church service asking if it's almost over. Now with his sermon notebook, he is almost obsessive about filling out the sermon title and key verse that is highlighted in our bulletin. I'm so please that he is engaging and listening to the service & sermon now. Praying he keeps it up!

Mary Trombley
Bought for my 16 year old daughter

She enjoys having an organized place to keep record of her sermon notes. It’s worked very well for her!

Lindsey Brock
Great bundle

Got my daughter this for Christmas, and she loved it! It was exactly what I hoped for, and the pens are fabulous.

Kids love it!

We have always encouraged our kids to take notes during the message. This was a great fit for us. I am the pastor of our church, and it’s so encouraging to read their notes each week. My oldest often times teaches me things that she sees. I’m so thankful for this tool as we disciple our kids.

Karen Perez
Perfect gift for my daughter and myself!

I love this sermon notebook bundle. The pens are great! (If you know, you know!) I love the little bookmark clips that came with it, and the notebook is very nicely put together. Even the packaging was made with love!

Tyson Canty
Perfect Intro to Notetaking

My daughter, because many churches shut down last year, hasn't been to in-person church and so is not used to sitting and listening attentively. This sermon notebook is perfect. It gives her words to listen for, and I can use online sermons too, from home, to help train her listening ear. Thank you, Kim!

Worth it

This sermon notes book is worth every penny. It has my girls excited to go to church and take notes. They are able to pull out the part of the sermon and write down the details in their notebook.