Sermon Notebook Bundle

In a world full of constant distractions, entertainment, and instant gratification, even adults are up against a lot when it comes to staying engaged with what is being taught at church. Our kids and teens face similar distractions. Plus some struggle with sitting still, understanding big words, and many other totally normal things.

The Sermon Notebook Bundle is here to help you get more out of the sermon!

  • Beautiful design appropriate for kids, teens, and even adults!
  • Easy to carry to church (about the same size as your Bible)
  • Spiral bound so you can fold it back and take notes easily
  • Offers prompts that aren't distracting, but help you focus  

Available in three age levels: primary (ages 5-7), junior (ages 8-12), and teen/adult. 

This bundle includes 4 resources:

  1. Sermon Notebook
  2. Books of the Bible Bookmark
  3. Matching Page Marker Set
  4. Gel Pen Set

Save big when you bundle. Makes the perfect gift!

Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
Gabrielle Hammock
Good tools for keeping children engaged

I purchased two bundles for a couple of our neighbor girls who have been going to church with us the past few months. They do not come from a Christian home and are not used to sitting through church services. I started searching for sermon notebooks for children and was very pleased two find this website that provides materials for getting children engaged in the Word, and not simply passing the time during church. Both girls were very excited by the bundles, and the older of the two makes sure she brings her notebook every week and has been taking notes. Thank you for providing quality resources!

My kids love these!!

These are excellent! The pens are great quality gel pens, the whole bundle is so nice! My children love these. I bought them for my older 3 kids ages 11, 9, & 8. It helps them focus during church (especially my 11 year old because she is in the service with us).

Jennifer Lewis
Great For Adults Too!

Comes with everything you need for success in absorbing your sermons! My husband and I got ones for ourselves too to set a good example and learn more. This is perfect even for adults!

Jennifer Lewis
Love This Bundle

Comes with everything you need for success in absorbing your sermons! My daughter loves the fun pens and really everything!

Jenijoy Black
Great option

Love this bundle! Fun extras! The notebook is a great way to keep interest during longer sermons.

Beth Ann Bowers
Sermon Focus!

This sermon notebook guides my daughter while she's taking notes from Sunday morning messages. We like the specific sections on each page. Thanks for creating this journal!

Kati Von Bank
the perfect baptism gift!

My daughter recently made the decision to be baptized in our church, and our family responded with a celebration much like her birthday. This is a special little bundle that encourages her individual faith journey. l will be purchasing more when my sons reach this stage.

Erinn B.
Wonderful format and great extras!

Great quality in both the material and the content! Gave it to our Sunday School children who were transitioning from Children's Church to Big Church. Loved that we could provide them with this amazing tool to help them on their spiritual journey and provide them a way to discuss what they learned with their parents! Thank you Kim for creating such a great resource to help the spiritual growth of our youth! The bundle extra and the price were wonderful!

Karen Bracewell

Purchased this for our 9yr old to help her follow along better during church services and she loves it. So much better than just a notebook; catching all the times God's name is spoken, as well as key words and a spot to write her own notes, or draw a picture. Highly recommend these resources