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Sermon Notebook Bundle

Age Level

Sermon Notebook Bundle

Sitting in the pew can be a struggle for little ones. Instead of giving them something to distract them, give them something to help them focus on the message and GROW in faith!

This Bundle includes 3 resources to help kids get more out of the sermon each week: the sermon notebook, books of the Bible bookmark, and gel pen set.

The heart of this bundle, our 52-page sermon notebook, contains forms for taking notes, a prayer list, and even a place to record your favorite Bible verses.

We offer two different age levels: junior and youth.

Junior is written for young children, ages 4-10. There is a space to tally up words as they listen to the sermon and a place to draw a picture. Its simple design will help engage younger kids without overwhelming them. 

Youth is written for strong readers/writers, typically ages 10+. There are two different note-taking templates alternating throughout the book and more space to record your thoughts.


The sermon notebook measures 6" x 9" making it the perfect companion size for your Bible. 

The Fun Extras

Mark your place in style with this Books-of-the-Bible bookmark. Each book is categorized and listed in order to help you reference them quickly.

Each bundle also includes a 10 piece gel pen set of your choice. Taking notes in church is just a little bit sweeter with a cute pen set. Each set comes in a sturdy carrying case for easy transport to and from church.

We have three fun sets to choose from: polka dot, galaxy, and animal fun.

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