Becoming a Servant Bible Study (Digital)

Do you want to be great? We all do. Our culture says to be great, you must be important, wealthy, and popular. But the Bible says something completely different. 

Jesus said if you want to be great, learn to serve others. Wait, what? Serving is the exact opposite of what we think of when it comes to greatness, yet God has a way of turning our upside-down thinking into something beautiful.

Instead of teaching our kids to seek worldly greatness, Becoming a Servant will help us learn and experience the incredible blessing of serving others. 

In this 20-lesson Bible study for kids, teens, and families, you'll learn:

  • The truth about serving
  • How to have a servant's heart
  • How you are gifted to serve
  • 7 qualities of a servant-hearted Christian
  • Practical ways to serve at home, church, work/school
  • How to serve when it's hard

Move over Cinderella, God has a better way and it's something to be excited about!

Due to the extensive use of the "fun pack" stickers in the Pre-K Bible study, it is NOT available in digital format. We recommend you use the Primary level with this age group or purchase the softcover version.

Nothing will be mailed to you as this is a digital product. The Bible study fun pack does NOT come with the digital files. You can print off the file and staple it together. We like to use fun duct tape to secure the staples and keep them from poking.

If you'd like a softcover version instead of digital, please click here.

Customer Reviews

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Great to use with the whole family

This study has allowed our family to have great conversations about what it means to become a servant. I appreciate how the study explains these concepts in age appropriate ways.