Middle School Reading Journal (Digital)

Fall in love with reading again!

The Middle School Reading Journal is a full-year homeschool language arts curriculum that allows your middle schooler to pick their own fiction and nonfiction books while sharpening their comprehension and analytical skills

With a special focus on style, facts, ideas, and biographical character evaluation, our Nonfiction portion of the Middle School Reading Journal helps your middle schooler discern between worldly wisdom and biblically sound philosophies in their reading.

Our Fiction section hones in on plot, character development, atmosphere, and literary devices to guide your middle schooler in recognizing when literature presents a biblical worldview and when it glorifies themes or characters who oppose God and His truth.

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Nothing will be mailed to you as this is a digital product. You can print off the file and staple it or have it bound.

Customer Reviews

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Katy Hazard
Just Right

I have a 6th grader and 8th grader using the Middle School Reading Journal this year. I was glad to have a "step up" from the Elementary version. I am also glad they are both able to work independently and have a guided reading experience even if I'm not able to discuss their reading with them every day. The non-fiction section helped us pick out something besides the usual fiction.

Excellent tool

This product is well designed and full of great content. I chose this so that my middle schooler has flexibility in what books are being read. Also there are so many reading responses that go deeper than just asking a few questions, which can get boring. This was a great choice for us!


I am completely delighted with this. One of the wonderful things about homeschooling is that you can reevaluate when a certain curriculum isn’t working for your child. That was the point I found myself at right before I purchased this. No more looking for a curriculum that is interesting enough to keep my child’s attention. We can read good books from a variety of genres and authors, and this will help them comprehend and think through what they are reading. Five stars.

Naomi M.
Love it!

I was looking for some way to check in with my 12 year old. We do a mix of books I pick for him and books he picks for himself. I wanted a way for him to get his thoughts about what he reads down and couldn’t find what I wanted until this! It is perfect! Especially because we can use it over and over again and for all types of books.