Homeschool Reading Journal

Fall in love with reading again!

The Homeschool Reading Journal is a full-year homeschool reading curriculum that allows your kids to pick their own books while sharpening their comprehension and analytical skills. All in 15 minutes a day! 

Let your kids take the reins and become life-long readers!

Customer Reviews

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Rachel Zirkel
Deep yet simple

This reading journal is so great and so in depth. It gets the kids to really think about what they are reading and really evaluate biblical truths to what they are reading. It is also not too much for even younger elementary. We love that you can use it for any book.

Talk about relief

This reading journal took so much off my plate. My son can work on it independently and he loves it!

Great Reading Journal!

My daughter loves being able to choose the books she reads. This reading journal is perfect for just that. Each journal entry is different too, taking away the monotony of doing the same thing everyday!

Rachel Behr
Fantastic Tool

I love this tool because it helps my son to figure out how to review a book without me having to explain exactly what to write for him. I love the variety in the book as well so that it is not the same every time. It is evident that this is a tool that was created out of observing kids struggling to figure out how to review what they’ve read. Thank you for creating such amazing homeschool helps!


I purchased the book log and I love it. I love the fact that is has scripture in it and it relates to anything you read. It’s so easy too.It can definitely replace a book report. Thank you to the mom who founded this.

Jennifer Lewis
Well Rounded, Independent Study, and Excellent Price!

Has a great price point! This product has them reading, writing, critically thinking, organizing, challenging their own thoughts and comparing everything to what scripture teaches! We are so happy with it! Great for all ages!

Jennifer Lewis

It's a very clean, simple, and effective product! We love the fact that it ties scripture concepts into reviewing the books that are read for fun. This really helps them to think for themselves, make their own decisions, developing their critical thinking skills. It's simple enough for young ones to use, but older kids can also get more in-depth in their reports. We also combine this with a short book report to develop their writing skills. Highly recommend!! The price point is fantastic too! Great job Not Consumed!!

Bethany Russell
Best comprehensive reading curriculum in one book!

I bought this to encourage continual reading and to make sure that my kids were not just speed reading, but comprehending and learning English grammar on breaks. These journals are amazing. I can’t recommend them
Enough. I love that each page and lesson is not the same. There’s no way a child can get bored with this book!

Love this!!

I bought the digital copy of this a couple of years ago when my oldest was in 2nd grade and honestly we used it a few times and then forgot about it. 2 years later, I was looking for a way to streamline our language arts and now have a 1st, 3rd, and 4th grader. I printed more copies of the journal and we have been using it daily. They write about something they have read on their own, or a book we studied in geography, or our just-for-fun read aloud. It works so beautifully to get them thinking in new ways about what we read and each is able to work at their own level with the same book. It has simplified our day and is still helping my kiddos learn a great deal from everything they are reading.