Faithipedia New Testament Journal

Before you grab these journals, make sure you have our Faithipedia New Testament Flipbook!

Take your Faithipedia learning to the next level with our Faithipedia New Testament JournalServing as a "trail guide" for the flipbook, this journal includes prompts, activities, stickers, and questions to help your kids dig deeper and apply the truth they have learned in the flipbook.

While one flipbook will engage and involve all your kids at once, our journals are specifically designed for different age levels so that each of your kids can have the resources they need to daily work through what they are learning.

Excited by the colorful, interactive follow-ups for each day, your kids will love working through their own journals as they make their way through the Faithipedia New Testament Flipbook! 

Customer Reviews

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Thought provoking

I love how this book makes my 11 yo think deeper and search out how to apply God’s Word to his everyday life. It’s also not too overwhelming. I will likely purchase the Old Testament Faithipedia and the accompanying journals in the future because we liked this one so much.

Stephanie R.

I love the journals. I wish I would have ordered a journal for myself and not just my kids!

Nice journal!

We ordered the Old and New Testament journals together, and we started using the OT first, but the NT journal seems to be just as nice and helpful as the OT one. My kids especially enjoy the stickers as a tactile way to instill the lesson, and while at their age (I have 6 year old twins) they don’t yet find interest in writing much in the journal, I am hopeful that it will come with time and use, and when they are older we intend to upgrade to the next age level for them to dig deeper!

Well done!

These journals are well done and great quality, perfect balance to the apologetics course

Joy Boyer
Great way to help kids reinforce learning

What a great resource! I purchased this system to use this fall with my 11-, and 8-year-old daughters. I love how the flipbook flows together, all on one simple page. The journals will be great to help reinforce what they're reading. I'm planning to use both the Old and New Testaments in one year. I think going through the entire Bible overview quickly will help them make connections. I love the stickers included with the book - that way my daughters can choose if they want to write and doodle, or just use the stickers. That gives them options, and kids love options. Thanks for all the work you put into these journals!

Jennifer Hall
Perfect for any age

I love these journals as much as my kids (8 and 9)! Honestly, I've considered ordering one for myself because they're so fantastic and a fun way to write down take aways. The stickers are so fun! They love looking for the right sticker and it cuts down on what they'd normally be writing. The questions/prompts are so simple for any age and have already led to several great conversations. They love looking at the bookmark and in the journal to see the topic we'll be covering the next day. Very well done resource!

Charlyn Foote

Love it! Can’t wait to use it this fall.

Very easy to use

This journal goes along with the New Testament flip book. Each child needs a journal, but you only need one flip book. The journals are so cute. They come with lots of stickers, including stickers that are pictures of people whose stories you will be learning. We ordered the youth and primary versions for our 3 kids, based on their ages. They are a simple and easy way for the kids to participate with the apologetics they are learning. Only takes a few minutes a day.

So detailed!

I just received my order with the journals and flipbooks. I am so impressed! The amount of detail is amazing. The bookmarks are so fun! I can't wait to start these with my two 13 year old daughters. I'm not going to lie...I believe I will get as much out of these as my girls will. Thank you for putting together such an outstanding product. You are definitely my go-to source for all my faith based learning tools for my girls.