Elementary Reading Journal

Fall in love with reading again!

The Homeschool Reading Journal is a full-year homeschool reading curriculum that allows your kids to pick their own books while sharpening their comprehension and analytical skills. All in 15 minutes a day! 

Let your kids take the reins and become life-long readers!

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Customer Reviews

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Kirsty Crizer
Family fun!

Although I bought this for my first grade daughter, the entire family loves filling in different sections about the books we've been reading together. They are all young, so they still need guidance as to which section might fit the book best, but we have so much fun doing it!
It has spared some marvelous conversations as well! Discussions about genre, fiction versus nonfiction, and how to search for truth have all happened because of this journal 😊

Courtney Simon
Reading Journal

Just received this today. Super fast shipping! I have struggled to find a reading curriculum that my daughter will enjoy, she is a VERY reluctant reader. But honestly, I think it’s because she has no interest in reading most things we’ve tried. I also purchased a book series suggested in the curriculum that I think she’ll actually enjoy. I think the reading struggle is finally over! Thank you for creating such an awesome resource. 😀

Great - for homeschool or enrichment!

This is a cute reading log.!It is simple to use and works for beginning readers and up. We use this as an enrichment piece to traditional school.

Michelle Foelber
Fabulous Resource!

I was looking for a new program to do with my elementary children. We've done various reading programs. They are great readers, but I was getting bored with the same old reading activity and analysis. One year I even printed off free worksheets online and created my own and had projects. However, I knew that I was ready for simplicity and when I discovered this reading program, I knew it was the right one. I loved how I can choose the books among what we already have, decide what page numbers they read, and then after they are done, they can do simple activities to help them tell me their thoughts on the book. It will make reading fun again and I'm looking forward to using it for our school year.


This is so great for my kids as we use all kinds of books for our reading and I love the biblical view to it.

So very impressed

A huge part of the reason I homeschool is to inspire a love for reading. Each day my children are required to read “x number of pages” but I’ve always wanted more than just me questioning them afterwards. THIS is my perfect solution! But this journal isn’t the same boring questions to answer day after day. It’s something new each day, in fact occasionally it might be a new term we can discuss and then we are learning NEW THINGS while we journal! I just love it! Thank you a million times over. I am so impressed and grateful.

Best reading tool ever

I love these reading journals to get my kids minds engaged with their books in different ways. There are several different exercises and the pages are fun for the kids.


Super cute and thorough. Easy enough for the younger kiddos to understand, yet detailed enough to help them retain information from the books they are reading.


A fun way to incorporate more reading for my kiddos