Sermon Notebook (Digital)

In a world full of constant distractions, entertainment, and instant gratification, even adults are up against a lot when it comes to staying engaged with what is being taught at church. Our kids and teens face similar distractions. Plus, some struggle with sitting still, understanding big words, and many other totally normal things.

The Sermon Notebook is here to help you get more out of the sermon!

  • Beautiful design appropriate for kids, teens, and even adults!
  • Easy to carry to church (about the same size as your Bible)
  • Spiral-bound so you can fold it back and take notes easily
  • Offers prompts that aren't distracting but help you focus  

Available in three age levels: primary (ages 5–7), junior (ages 8–12), and teen/adult. 

Nothing will be mailed to you as this is a digital product. You can print off the file and staple it together or punch holes and put it in a binder.

Looking for the softcover version? Please click here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Reba Thomas
Simple & effective

This is a great tool to help kids focus on sermons, I appreciate its simplicity as it’s not distracting.

I love this

I loved these when I first got them for my kids and I’m thrilled that there is also a version for adults. What a great way to take notes on sermons and help keep your mind focused.

Stephanie R.
Great way to help keep kids focused

Great way to keep our 9.5 and 8 year olds attention focused on the sermon. I also made a short copy for my 3.5 year old inserting a couple of blank pages in between sermon pages so he can feel big and important with his own book. He uses it to practice writing letters and make pictures.

Jaqueta Simms

We haven’t started using them yet.

Holly Gouge
Looking forward to use

We are looking forward to use these in conjunction with other items we have..

Reviewer avatar
Heather Lang
Boy mom!

Yup! My boys are wrigglers, talkers and full on ball of distracted mess when it comes to sitting for more then 2 minutes. I was hesitant to buy this, but love all the NC products…so I did it.
Welp! Once again! NC has done it! My boys actually remembered what the sermon was about, and bonus I didn’t need to drag them out by their ears as I wished death by embarrassment was a real thing.
Buy it sisters! Enjoy your coffee and sermon in church while looking like a full fledged super star mana! Boom!

Jennifer Fox
Exactly what I was looking for!

The format and content is so clear and concise! This is a perfect introduction to note taking. The file printed beautifully. Thank you!

Colleen Sommer
A great tool.

We’ve found these notebooks to be a great tool for getting our older kids to actually listen to the sermon and for our younger kids to have a bit of fun. They love counting to see how many times certain words were said. And it helps all of them remember what the sermon was about so we can actually talk to them about it at home.

Anaiah Younger
Great tool

This definitely keeps our Middle School students focused. They use it and it gives us a great opportunity to discuss the sermons at a later time. We all get so much more out of it by using this tool. However, when they found out there were bound copies of the notebook, they wanted them right away. I bought the digital copy as a "tester" to see how we all like it. And like it we do! So we let them use copies for 2 months to make sure it wasn't just a honeymoon phase, but they have been faithful, so I'm buying the bound notebooks now. It was good motivation and they deserve it.