To Every Nation

 You'll love this homeschool history curriculum that gives you a personal view of God's goodness through the lives of 12 heroes of the faith.

Your family will see first hand how to trust God even in the most difficult of circumstances as you journey with these missionaries around the world and learn history, language arts, geography, and more!

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Customer Reviews

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Rachael Faber

So inspirational! I love being able to share this with my children!

Alicia Roberts
Wonderful Study

My children are loving this series, and the worksheets/activities from Not Consumed complement our daily reading beautifully. I love how everything is all laid out for us so we can dive deeper into our study of these famous missionaries with ease.

My hard-to-please daughter is LOVING this!

I purchased this for my 10 year old daughter to use, as a way of giving her more autonomy over her reading choices during our school day. She had requested "exciting stories about missionaries." She loves the biographies that accompany the program, but also really has fun with the journal itself. She likes studying the relevant countries and has found it cool how the lives of the missionaries are similar in a lot of respects (Mary Slessor and David Livingstone, for example.) I'm really pleased and grateful, and I've learned a lot alongside her!

Great resource

I love that this study combines Bible study, character traits, and geography along with the bio of different missionaries. With the added reading and writing activities, it covers so many different subjects.

Kayla Nelson
Absolutely Fantastic

I love combining as many subjects and ages as possible for school (I am currently schooling 4, ages 5-12) and this is fun and doable for everyone! I believe it's so important to bring Christ and the Great Commission into every aspect of a child's education, and "To Every Nation" helps to do just that. I will be getting the second one once we've completed this one!


I will enjoy doing this curriculum right along with my children!

Beth Johnson

I have been wanting to use this curriculum for quite some time, and this presented the perfect opportunity. My youngest wants to be a missionary, and I love this curriculum. My younger 2 are using it for their History and absolutely love the books and lessons. My oldest (high school) loves listening along as I read the books. Thank you for this curriculum. I will be ordering the second one for next year!!!❤❤❤

Audrey Ray
Blessed above and beyond

My granddaughter is in the 3rd grade and is absolutely loving her To Every Nation Work; while it covers so much of our curriculum, we use it to cover Geography and History. However, this study is far reaching when it comes to building her faith in our great and powerful God! From the character traits emphasized for each missionary to the journey and trusting relationship with their Savior, we truly are all inspired. We are so thankful for these studies that have not only been a wonderful blessing to my granddaughter but to the whole family! At first I thought the reading might be too long so was going to break it down more for her, but she can't put the books down (lol, not even for lunch!). We had to adjust and move it to the last assignment of the school day because she loves reading, researching and can't stop talking about what she just finished. Even her 1st grade sister is excited about wanting to do the studies in a couple of years. For now it is a blessing to hear the animated conversations as she recounts the details of what she read to her little sis. The fact that she can do this work independently and track her completed work on her own is a big plus for this "8 and 3/4 year old' girl. Being responsible to complete her own research and workbook assignments has not only been a blessing to her but to us as well. She finished the first three weeks, and she was just as excited to start her new book and assignments. We thank God for you and pray that many more families would be encouraged and strengthened in their faith through your ministry.

Great Study

We are currently going through this one and have completed a few of the missionary profiles. We listen to the audiobook of the YWAM series in the morning at breakfast and then work on the workbook pages. Great way to start the day.