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Sibling Bundle with Journal

Let's face it, loving your siblings is a difficult job whether you are 6 years old or 60!

Emotions and situations will always come between well-meaning siblings, so we will need to fight the culture's cry to give up and "accept that siblings hate each other."

Let's stand firm on God's truth and enjoy the blessing we have in siblings.

This Sibling Bundle has all the pieces you need to learn God's truth, apply it to your life, and even wear it proudly, both as a reminder to yourself and as a witness to the world.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Alison H
So far so good!

I have 4 kids ranging from 10-2. My 10 yr old has been the most interested and has sat with me to do it. She has not done anything in the journal yet. My 7 & 5 yr olds have listened to bits and pieces but haven’t gotten fully involved yet but I’m hoping they will by influence.

You won them over!

Kids, 8 & 10, were not willing participants when they recieved this for Valentine's Day. After only a 2 lessons, they were reminding me that it was time to do their devotional. The journal is a creative addition & they loved the little things
- bands, pins, stickers. Thank you!

Can't wait!

Just gifted these sets to my kiddos this morning for Christmas! Along with the sibling game and cd. We can't wait to get started in this study together as a family!


This is a great devotional/workbooks/Bible study/program ... great way to engage your children together - so good I sent as a gift to my brother for his children too ...Very engaging and easily workable ...