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Homeschool Reading Journal

Fall in love with reading again!

The Homeschool Reading Journal is a full-year homeschool reading curriculum that allows your kids to pick their own books while sharpening their comprehension and analytical skills. All in 15 minutes a day! 

Let your kids take the reins and become life-long readers!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Tiffany Miller
Nice change

I was all over the place about a reading curriculum this year. I didn't want something to force her to read, but rather cultivate loving it and learning through it. This book helps her to be more intentional about reading and then viewing the characters through the context of Christ.

A perfect fit!

We are loving the Reading Journal! My son (2nd grade) loves having a say in what books he is reading, and the journal encourages comprehension and higher level thinking without overwhelming him with an excessive amount of writing. Love the spiritual elements/applications woven in as well!

Holly Gouge
Solid Reading Support -

As a former public school teacher I love this. The Biblical basis on looking at this is such a great support to help with independence.

Cheyanne Fyffe

We have only used it once because I feel like it would be sufficient for a day where we want to replace Language Arts with just reading. We aren’t in a hurry to finish it as my 7 year old is still working on sentence structure. But it is very nice and I am happy we purchased it so that we can work through it and read lots of books!

Kate Hobson
Effective and helpful

This is a great way to keep track of what your student is reading and help them to think critically about it.

Jennifer Tucker
Can't wait to use!

We are doing a hodge podge curriculum this year. My girls are actually starting high school this year and it will be our 2nd yr homeschooling. The public school here was horrible so I'm trying to catch them up grammar wise etc. I have one daughter that LOVES reading but only what she wants. My other daughter is not so enthusiastic. My 3rd grader is not on the reading bandwagon either. I'm hoping with them choosing the books it will be a win this year. I'm adding this in addition to the kids grammar/writing curriculum since it's nice bite sized pieces.

Brandie Wippler
Reading journal

I love the reading journal because it helps them to think about what they read in a different way. What is the moral of the story,who are the characters, how could you apply certain things to your faith. It really makes them think and teaches them to think for themselves.

Chanda Crout
Great record keeping resource and Wonderful Content

This helps soo much! My daughter is keeping up with her reading and is actually remembering what she reads. I really love how many of the questions are engaging my child to think deeper about what she is reading, and if it is lining up with her Christian beliefs or not. So Good! I highly recommend.

Jamie Browning
Love the accountability it gives my son!

My son loves to read especially non-fiction so finding a reading log or journal is difficult to accommodate non-fiction books. This is the one for any type of reading your child does! As a former public educator, I wish I had this to use in my classroom!