Homeschool Reading Journal

Fall in love with reading again!

The Homeschool Reading Journal is a full-year homeschool reading curriculum that allows your kids to pick their own books while sharpening their comprehension and analytical skills. All in 15 minutes a day! 

Let your kids take the reins and become life-long readers!

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Customer Reviews

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Kelly Garcia
Complete complete reading journal

When this says complete it means complete. I had finally settled on a language arts program but was still not satisfied with the reading programs to pick one I bought this journal on sale and I was blown away by how comprehensive it is with the complete allowance of picking the book that will be used. I am very excited to use this in our homeschool curriculum this year.

Holly Gouge
Digital copy -

I chose to get the digital copy because we enjoyed the paper copy and wanted to be able to reproduce for what we needed. Even using it on a different level with my HS Student.

Erin Osben
Fosters independence

My 3rd grader is using this journal and is largely independent for her reading class. We chose a page that works for what she is reading and then we discuss when she finishes.

Holly Gouge
2nd while on sale

Purchased a second while on sale!!

Tiffany Harris
Great Reading Journal!

I am new to Homeschooling as of fall 2021. I have a 4th grade boy who can be hot & cold with reading. I really appreciate the Reading Journal as it works with any book that is being read. I've used it with picture books, a short read book, an article, and even a chapter out of a chapter book - any book! So far its working really well with what we are doing this year - we love it!!

Danielle Perez
Excellent journaling motivator

The pag

Tiffany Miller
Nice change

I was all over the place about a reading curriculum this year. I didn't want something to force her to read, but rather cultivate loving it and learning through it. This book helps her to be more intentional about reading and then viewing the characters through the context of Christ.

A perfect fit!

We are loving the Reading Journal! My son (2nd grade) loves having a say in what books he is reading, and the journal encourages comprehension and higher level thinking without overwhelming him with an excessive amount of writing. Love the spiritual elements/applications woven in as well!

Holly Gouge
Solid Reading Support -

As a former public school teacher I love this. The Biblical basis on looking at this is such a great support to help with independence.