Elementary Reading Journal

Fall in love with reading again!

The Homeschool Reading Journal is a full-year homeschool reading curriculum that allows your kids to pick their own books while sharpening their comprehension and analytical skills. All in 15 minutes a day! 

Let your kids take the reins and become life-long readers!

Newly revised June 2022. You'll love the new colors and graphics. 

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Customer Reviews

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Rachel Downs

Using this for my 2nd grader, 8 year old daughter. It's been so helpful in many ways. These questions cause her to think critically about what she's read. The questions comparing the Bible have allowed us to have great conversations. The creative graphics pull her in, and the amount of work is not too heavy for my reluctant writer. Even reading books that are not so educational has become a great lesson. For example, letting her read a book about her favorite video game and then completing the journal page on a word study has allowed her to read a topic she's interested in and still learn grammar.

Unique, Adaptable, and Centered on the Word

We love using this resource to go along with our reading curriculum. It is easy to use and teaches our children how to test what they read against what the Word of God says. We plan to continue using this for all of our children!

Molly Myers
Perfect addition to our reading curriculum.

We have really enjoyed this for our reading curriculum. I usually make my kids read between 15 and 30 minutes, and then we complete one section. It has been very enjoyable, and the kids like that it's different everyday. Thank you for creating such a fun curriculum.

Love them!!

These were the perfect thing for me to get my kids doing something right after their daily reading time that also helps me see some comprehension and them furthering what they read! Takes only 10-15 mins per day so they don't mind it, and the sections are engaging for them.

Great Reading Response Tool

This journal is a visually attractive way to get my 3rd grader to respond to a book she has read. The activities aren’t overwhelming and are great in relating to read alouds or personal readers-any book! I’m excited to be using this product this school year.

Mandy Kriz
Amazing Tool for reading

This has been a great way to challenge our daughter to actively read her stories. We've challenged her to expand on her details and use her vocabulary words as she does her daily activity. Its been one less stress on my plate to try to find a way to engage her in reading different types of books. Plus its helped her keep an eye out for certain details that can sometimes get overlooked.

sarah d.
Short and sweet

I bought this so my kids can do independent reading while I focus on one on one time with another. When I presented this journal to my kids(9,12) they groaned initially but when they opened it and saw it was simple and fun it they have enjoyed their reading time more.

A. Garritson

My daughter loves to read and this will help her a lot to reflect. Buying more and will try with my boys too.

Simple reading lessons

My girls all absolutely love to read. They will read multiple books a day but won’t write anything. This is the perfect reading curriculum for them because it requires them to write a little bit after doing what they love, reading. This book really helps promote critical thinking as well I’m so excited to use this.