Faithipedia Old Testament Journal

Before you grab these journals, make sure you have our Faithipedia Old Testament Flipbook!

Take your Faithipedia learning to the next level with our Faithipedia Old Testament JournalServing as a "trail guide" for the flipbook, this journal includes prompts, activities, stickers, and questions to help your kids dig deeper and apply the truth they have learned in the flipbook.

While one flipbook will engage and involve all your kids at once, our journals are specifically designed for different age levels so that each of your kids can have the resources they need to daily work through what they are learning.

Excited by the colorful, interactive follow-ups for each day, your kids will love working through their own journals as they make their way through the Faithipedia Old Testament Flipbook!

Customer Reviews

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This will be great to go with the flipbook

Looking forward to using this with the flipbook... we ordered both versions for various ages in our family and I think it will be really great to keep them engaged and help them retain the information better.

great primary resource for Bible curriculum

I used this primary journal with my 1st grade daughter for our Faithipedia study in homeschool this year. It was the perfect tool to keep her engaged! She loved the stickers, opportunities to write small amounts, and the fun review activities like mazes, drawing pictures, and decorating the pages. I think she's on the edge for this level as she is a fluent reader now, so next year I'll choose the higher level journal, but for this year, it was really perfect!

Great Idea!

We love these journals, they are simple and well laid out, easy to use, and don't make the kids feel like they have to write a whole page of information. The stickers are, of course, a fabulous addition! A fun idea to go along with Faithopedia, we used them every day. Buy one for yourself, your kids will enjoy seeing you write in your journal as well!

Mary Rabe
Awesome Record of Kiddos' Bible Learning!

My kids and I are halfway through this resource and it has been such an awesome way to spend our Bible time for school! I love that each of my kids' journals reflect what they are learning and taking away from each session. It is a really special keepsake!

Ashley Borders

My kids really enjoy working through this journal.

Yes, Yes, and Yes!

I agree with Noelle - these are simple yet effective. My boys are early year teenagers and they still like using the stickers and are enjoying the simplicity of this journal. We have been able to incorporate it right into our daily homeschool routine. My favorite parts are the word of the week and God's character. So simple, yet giving a good foundation of the purpose of each book of the Bible. We will be doing the New Testament as soon as we finish the Old Testament one!

Tia Knarr
Love these workbooks!

Love the manageable chunks, hands-on sticker placement to keep my 9 and 11 year old focused and engaged! We can complete more than one day’s worth if needed. I love that they’re not overwhelmed by pages of writing each day. Completing one small area at a time allows them to move forward thoughtfully!

Perfect companion to Faithipedia!!

Being able to reflect on the topic discussed each day is invaluable. This journal allows for that so conveniently. The stickers are such a hit, especially with my 8 year old. Everything about this journal was well thought out and designed. A great product!

Stephanie R.
Another great product!

I Love the journals. I wish I would have ordered a journal for myself and not just my kids!