Faithipedia Old Testament Journal

Before you grab these journals, make sure you have our Faithipedia Old Testament Flipbook!

Take your Faithipedia learning to the next level with our Faithipedia Old Testament JournalServing as a "trail guide" for the flipbook, this journal includes prompts, activities, stickers, and questions to help your kids dig deeper and apply the truth they have learned in the flipbook.

While one flipbook will engage and involve all your kids at once, our journals are specifically designed for different age levels so that each of your kids can have the resources they need to daily work through what they are learning.

Excited by the colorful, interactive follow-ups for each day, your kids will love working through their own journals as they make their way through the Faithipedia Old Testament Flipbook!

Customer Reviews

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Yes, Yes, and Yes!

I agree with Noelle - these are simple yet effective. My boys are early year teenagers and they still like using the stickers and are enjoying the simplicity of this journal. We have been able to incorporate it right into our daily homeschool routine. My favorite parts are the word of the week and God's character. So simple, yet giving a good foundation of the purpose of each book of the Bible. We will be doing the New Testament as soon as we finish the Old Testament one!

Tia Knarr
Love these workbooks!

Love the manageable chunks, hands-on sticker placement to keep my 9 and 11 year old focused and engaged! We can complete more than one day’s worth if needed. I love that they’re not overwhelmed by pages of writing each day. Completing one small area at a time allows them to move forward thoughtfully!

Perfect companion to Faithipedia!!

Being able to reflect on the topic discussed each day is invaluable. This journal allows for that so conveniently. The stickers are such a hit, especially with my 8 year old. Everything about this journal was well thought out and designed. A great product!

Stephanie R.
Another great product!

I Love the journals. I wish I would have ordered a journal for myself and not just my kids!

Loving it!

I am loving it so far! Lessons are short enough to stay with the kids’ attention spans, but in-depth enough to learn something new even for a seasoned Christian.

Nice journal!

We started using these last week with our 6 year old twins! While my boys don’t use the journal exactly like I would (I love journals!), they do enjoy using the stickers, and that tactile element seems to be helpful in making the lesson stick better! One of them even referenced a lesson later when we did our Bible reading before bed!

Perfect companion product to the Faithipedia

This is a great companion product to Faithipedia and I cannot wait to begin using it in our homeschool. I appreciate the way that the questions help kids think through scripture and our worldview. I kind of want a parent version of this for myself as well. I would recommend this.

Fabulous Journal!

These journals are a great addition to the flip books, easily completed even by those kids who balk at one more thing to write, yet full of reinforcement for the lesson.

Joy Boyer
Great journal with options

What a great resource! I purchased this system to use this fall with my 11-, and 8-year-old daughters. I love how the flipbook flows together, all on one simple page. The journals will be great to help reinforce what they're reading. I'm planning to use both the Old and New Testaments in one year. I think going through the entire Bible overview quickly will help them make connections. I love the stickers included with the journals - that way my daughters can choose if they want to write and doodle, or just use the stickers. That gives them options, and kids love options. Thanks for all the work you put into these journals!