Faithipedia Old Testament Flipbook: Daily Apologetics for Families

Do you ever feel like there are so many things you want to teach your kids about our faith, but you don't know where to start or how to fit it all in? Check out the Old Testament volume of our newest addition to our homeschool products, Faithipedia: Daily Apologetics for Families! As you might guess from its name, this easy-to-use flipbook is PACKED with knowledge about our faith and our God all in one place.

Discussing big truths in manageable, bite-sized lessons, each five-day unit covers 36 weeks and includes an overview of a book of the Old Testament, a snapshot of God's timeline, a related attribute of God, a discussion of a theological term, and a true story of a faithful man or woman of God.

While one flipbook is perfect for teaching your whole family, make sure you grab a Faithipedia Journal for each of your children so they can apply what they learn daily by working through their own age-specific activities and journaling prompts!

Written from a young-earth perspective, this carefully planned and researched apologetics resource will help you cultivate a strong biblical worldview so you can stand firm in your faith!

Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Burgandy Roberts
Awesome Family Resource & Work Book

I ordered this from a referral at church and we have been doing one section every Sunday evening as a family. It helps to build on everything else we are doing with homeschool during the week. Our daughter loves the work book!

Sara Norris
Wonderful resource!

We have enjoyed adding this book to our daily work. The information is engaging and meaty yet takes little time to review. My kids enjoy using their journals to take notes and write things they find interesting. This is a great supplement to our more in depth OT study.


We’re currently on week 9 in this and we’ve loved it so far! I’ve enjoyed it just as much as the kids have. We’re using it with our 4 kids- age 13,11,9 and 5. The books that go along with it are just enough, not overwhelming. They’re already asking if we’ll be doing the New Testament one! Thank you for creating such a valuable resource!

Wendy Larson
kids love it!

We started doing it after dinner and the kids love it! They get their Bibles and enjoy finding the scriptures to read! It's very high quality from the packaging, to the material, to the content. I have a 16 year old son and a 9 year old daughter so the fact that they both learn and enjoy it is awesome and a huge bonus that we as parents are learning along side of them.

Laura Brewer
Perfect for morning Bible time!

We added this OT Faithipedia to our homeschool morning time routine, and I love it! It just takes minutes to complete, and I love how each week focuses on a different book of the Bible. Would highly recommend to any homeschooling family looking to add more Bible study to their routine!

Tia Knarr
Love Faithipedia!

Full of useful information… while offering engaging hand-on activities for my 9 and 11 year olds… manageable chunks that hold their interest and really STICK for them!

Faithipedia Old Testament

We are slowly working our way through the book and are loving every minute of it.

Incredible Apologetics Resource

We have been using this for several months now and absolutely love it! My kids are 6 and 3. The information is clear, concise and appropriate for even littles. It is a great tool for improving Bible literacy and building a strong foundation from the earliest years.

Really enjoying this!

I have kids ages 10, 9, 7, and 3. We are using this as part of our morning time--we do scripture memory, sing a hymn, and then do 1-2 pages from this (my kids make notes in their bible notebook as we read and discuss). It has been such a neat study. We are not deep diving right now, but my kids are making real, strong connections. And our favorite part is the highlight of people who exhibit one of the characteristics. It might take a longer than I anticipated to complete the OT, but the longer journey can only benefit all of us!