Middle School Reading Journal

Fall in love with reading again!

The Middle School Reading Journal is a full-year homeschool language arts curriculum that allows your middle schooler to pick their own fiction and nonfiction books while sharpening their comprehension and analytical skills

With a special focus on style, facts, ideas, and biographical character evaluation, our Nonfiction section of the Middle School Reading Journal helps your middle schooler discern between worldly wisdom and biblically sound philosophies in their reading.

Our Fiction section hones in on plot, character development, atmosphere, and literary devices to guide your middle schooler in recognizing when literature presents a biblical worldview and when it glorifies themes or characters who oppose God and His truth.

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Customer Reviews

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Freedom to Choose

My soon to be 6th grader has struggled with our LA curriculum due to not enjoying the reading books required. We decided to try out this reading journal and so far so good! He likes that he picks the books, the prompts are short but educational. It’s a great starting point for LA for him (will be adding grammer, spelling, etc.)

Brinda Chalnick
Game Changer

While my daughter now loves to read after leaving the school system, she still prefers to choose her own books for reading assignments and reports. This journal was a gamechanger providing some guidance and boundaries which allowed me to see how she was doing with understanding her chosen literature. Since it specifically says to choose fiction and non fiction it opened our dialog to choosing some new genres with little resistance. My daughter has adhd so breaking up reading pages and assignments were just perfect for keeping it simple. Love it!!

Reading Journal Grades 6-8

I am so impressed with the design and detail included in this reading journal. The layout is easy to use and the questions and activities are more than just writing answers. They inspire deep conversation about the book being read and encourage critical thinking skills. I am most thankful for the family time it allows through conversation about style, purpose, connections, vocabulary, worldview, application, and so much more. This is a win for our family.

Lucy H.
Great Reading Journal

This reading resource is very fun and interactive! It makes reading fun for my kids and makes them critically think!

Brianna Beatty
All incompassing Reading Curriculum

This is a great all incompassing reading curriculum. My struggle is that I purchased a middle school writing curriculum that already has a reading curriculum in it. It's too much to do that curriculum and this. It is hard to find a writing curriculum that doesn't have reading with it. It might be nice to offer a writing only curriculum on your site.