Scripture Memory Bundle

Do you need easy and fun ways to help your kids memorize Scripture?

Set your kids up for Scripture memorization success with our Scripture Memory Bundle. It's packed with practical, beautiful tools to help them tuck God's Word away in their heart.

The Bundle Includes:

  • The Scripture Memory Journal with fun activities to memorize verses (like draw it, puzzle it, catch it, and more games!). It also teaches how to make Biblical connections and apply the Scripture to everyday life.
  • The Scripture Memory Cards are designed and curated with the same verses as the journal for each age level. These are clearly printed with themes to help kids remember verses easily alongside the journal.
  • The Scripture Memory Sticker Pack brings excitement and encouragement to memorization! Kids can use them to decorate and mark their progress as they work through the journal.

Grab this bundle today, and help your kids make remembering verses fun! Get ready to help your kids GROW in their knowledge of the Word of God!

Currently available only in ESV

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews

My kids loves the journal.

Heidi Chou
So Useful

My kids use these every morning and it has really helped them memorize so many verses already!


I can’t wait to start using this and memorizing God’s Word.

Susan Bailey
Great help

Wish I had had these products when my older kids were younger! 😊 Very thankful to have found Not Consumed. This resource is a favorite.

Great material

These books are great and really deep. But they scriptures are too long my kids have a really hard time memorizing them.. so we have had to modify them and only take chunks of the scripture given.
My kids ages are 9 and 11, but I am trying to do it and it along side them and it is a lot.

Christy Buchanan
What a fabulous resource!

My kids are loving the Scripture Memory Journal bundle. I love the layout and the ease of use! The stickers and cards are an added plus.

Courtney Jackson
Working perfectly for us

Both my 6 and 7 year old are getting these verses down packed! We go through all of them when we start a new one, and they are definitely retaining this information. I am also enjoying finally memorizing some of Gods word. This has been a blessing for the entire family, and I couldn’t be happier with this purchase. Also my 6 year old is my head in the clouds child, so I was ready for her to not be able to retain this and she’s blown me away. They also think it’s fun and engaging!

wonderful resource for Bible memory

I bought this set for my 7 year old (almost 8) -the junior set. I am so impressed with the memory journal! The strategies for working on the passages are diverse, truly helpful, and impactful. By the end of the week, my daughter genuinely knows the passage! Even more, she has dwelled on the meaning and how to apply it. Ear gate and eye gate fully engaged, with prompts to engage the heart and mind. This is the perfect level of difficulty for her as she is an advanced reader but needs more practice with writing. I love that there are opportunities to both write and draw. And of course, stickers make everything more fun!

A. Wolfe
Wonderful Resource

As always, Not Consumed Bible study resources shine! These tools for scripture memory are fantastic! My kids enjoy the different activities (fill in the blanks, sticker unscramble, drawing, etc...) and suggestions (like hop or toss a ball on each word) for memorizing scripture, this makes it fun and interesting. I love that it encourages understanding vocabulary and focuses on a scripture every 5 days which helps us hide the Word in our hearts. The sticker rewards offer an incentive and the scripture cards help us review weekly and can be used as a floor memory game once you have memorized several if you have 2 packs (we do, 1 for each boy). Thank you, Kim, for this great resource!