Middle School Homeschool Planner

Are you looking for a way to help your middle schooler stay on top of their assignments and track their academic progress? 

Introducing our Middle School Homeschool Planner! Not only does this planner teach independent learning, it helps your kids learn time management and track their progress all in a simple method. In this planner, you will find:

  • Goal Setting
  • Weekly assignment checklist
  • Field trip evaluation log
  • Book/media log
  • Academic record
  • And so much more!

Help your middle schooler grow more academically independent this year by grabbing a planner today!

Measurement of middle school planner: 7" x 9.5"

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews

Another winner from this mom of ten. I would have liked more space to list completed work on the left side of each page as I found my kids ran out of room recording. But I used it to teach them short hand.

Helpful, easy to use!

My daughter used this last year and it has been so helpful we ordered another. It helps us keep track of her assignments, grades, attendance and reading log. Thank you for this great resource!
I love the back to school sale and joy points that help make purchasing these for all my kids even more affordable ♡♡♡


One of the best planners I have ever used for homeschooling and I wish there was one for regular school now that my son is going to a brick and mortar school for high school. So great for my 8th grader. You can use it to teach planning skills and to build systems/routine that work for your child as well as keeping track of school requirements and grades. There are places for reviewing activities etc. It is simple and effective for teaching how to use a planner long term.

My Daughter loves it!!

I just received the green planner today, and my daughter was so happy to look through it. It's a little bit overwhelming for her (inattentive adhd + working on poor organizational skills) but the fact that we're going to be sitting down together weekly next school year to plan out assignments has her excited. Thank you for this. I can't wait to see her thriving again in her educational career.


Looks so good!

Elizabeth B
Great tool for my middle schooler!

My daughter loves this planner. She previously used the elementary planner, and she was so excited for the next level. A great way to set your homeschooled student up for success!

Katie Wiebusch

I purchased 2 planners for my middle school kiddos and this has helped their ogranization and independence this year. Previously, I would write their lists on a spiral notebook however, this planner has helped foster independence as they fill it out and plan each week.

Heidi Chou
The Perfect Planner

This is the perfect planner for my middle schooler. It really teaches independence and it's very well laid out.

Kimberly Bill

This planner is absolutely perfect for my middle schooler. This is helping me help him to be an independent student as well as creates healthy daily habits.