To Every Nation

You'll love this homeschool history curriculum that gives you a personal view of God's goodness through the lives of 12 heroes of the faith.

Your family will see firsthand how to trust God even in the most difficult of circumstances as you journey with these missionaries around the world and learn history, language arts, geography, and more!

From perseverance to compassion, To Every Nation is a 36-week study of real missionaries and their walk with God through the struggles of life. Through the biographies of these precious warriors, your family will grasp the depth of God's provision, deepen their faith, understand suffering, and become equipped to walk through life's trials.

In addition to deep biblical truth, To Every Nation provides:

  • practical life application, 
  • history and geography
  • reading skills
  • penmanship / copywork

This unique homeschool history curriculum can be used before or after our second volume, To Every Nation 2, providing flexibility for you and your kids!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 119 reviews

I ordered this for this school year and my girls are very excited to use books they love to study geography.

Sara Benning

This study has been excellent for my 11 year old. We have used it as a portion of her homeschool curriculum because it covers writing, geography, and history in such a beautiful way. This study has gotten us hooked on the Christian Hero books. I equally enjoy reading the stories and doing the workbook alongside her.

Melissa C

Two of my kiddos have done this missionary study. I love how it is set up, so easy for the kids to see what they need to do. It's engaging in a way that is simple yet beautifully done. I have told multiple homeschool mamas about this study.

Kirsty Crizer
Excited for "Every Nation"

As a second generation homeschooler, I grew up reading all of these books that Kim Sorgus has written this curriculum about! Missionary biographies spurred excitement, adventure, and grew my faith and God while I was young, so Iam very excited to use this with my children as I home-educate them!

Stephanie Mallery
So excited for Book Number Two!

My daughter LOVED this unit- everything is open and go, the plan is easy to follow. Using real, living-books was super important to me, and this curriculum hit the mark! She used the Hoopla App and it was very convenient that she could doe everything on her own, while I just checked her work. We had amazing conversations about what she learned. She is very excited for book number two. I pray for more curriculum from this company, like this. It was amazing!


This looks like such a unique study and I’m excited to study these heroes of the faith with my 4 kids!


I'm excited for my kids to start learning about these incredible people of faith.

Great resource!!

My daughter did did To Every Nation 1 for history this year. We were able to borrow the books for her to read or listen to thru the Hoopla app which worked great for us. She enjoyed it and I liked that she learned more about Christian missionary’s.


We really love this as a homeschooling curriculum