Making Peace Bible Study (Digital)

Do you ever feel like the fighting never ends?

Every parent dreams of a peaceful home. And yet, some days it seems like there's nothing but endless bickering and strife. Can I tell you a secret? The solution isn't to be conflict-free. In fact, that's impossible!

Conflict is a normal part of life because everyone has differing opinions, agendas, and even values. The real solution is to learn strategies to help us RESOLVE CONFLICT in a biblical way. 

Making Peace is a 20-day Bible study teaching kids and families a biblical model for conflict resolution. You'll learn:

  • Why we need peace
  • Where peace comes from
  • 5 steps for resolving conflict
  • 6 ways to MAKE peace instead of conflict
  • What to do when peace seems impossible

This Bible study is available in different age levels from primary through parent and is meant to be done individually then discussed together. (More on our family Bible study model here.)

Due to the extensive use of the "fun pack" stickers in the Pre-K Bible Study, it is NOT available in digital format. We recommend you use the Primary level with this age group or purchase the softcover version.

Nothing will be mailed to you as this is a digital product. You can print off the file and staple it together. We like to use fun duct tape to secure the staples and keep them from poking. 

The Bible study fun pack does NOT come with the digital version.

If you'd like a softcover version, instead of digital, please click here.

Customer Reviews

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Great study

As with all the NC studies they are so good at helping even us parents learn

Helpful Study

We are learning a lot and growing closer as a family through this study.