Faithipedia Old Testament Journal

Before you grab these journals, make sure you have our Faithipedia Old Testament Flipbook!

Take your Faithipedia learning to the next level with our Faithipedia Old Testament JournalServing as a "trail guide" for the flipbook, this journal includes prompts, activities, stickers, and questions to help your kids dig deeper and apply the truth they have learned in the flipbook.

While one flipbook will engage and involve all your kids at once, our journals are specifically designed for different age levels so that each of your kids can have the resources they need to daily work through what they are learning.

Excited by the colorful, interactive follow-ups for each day, your kids will love working through their own journals as they make their way through the Faithipedia Old Testament Flipbook!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Heidi Chou
Nice Journal

It keeps the kids busy while you read the Faithipedia and a good companion for it.

Absolutely fantastic!

Absolutely fantastic to accompany the Faithipedia! We have both the Old and New Testament Faithipedias, as well as the accompanying student journals. These are such wonderful resource!

Stephanie Lucas

We are absolutely loving this study...we are working through the Old Testament now. We originally started without the journal, but I decided to order them. The kids are enjoying the journals and stickers to make it more fun. We are learning a lot. Thank you!

Sarah Gamlieli
Very Engaging

I am so happy we purchased these along with the Faithopedia Old Testament. It’s wonderful to see my children’s comprehension and to strengthen their understanding of the Old Testament.


Great! Easy to use and good for all ages!

Wonderful addition to our homeschool

These journals compliment the lesson books so well. I loved how there were different age levels to where all my children could do this together. They all loved the stickers and activities. I liked how my older girls could take it deeper and challenge themselves with the prompts. My kids loved this study!

Perfect for kids!

This was perfect for my kids (5&7). It was easy for them to use, but also very engaging. They really enjoyed having their own book to be in charge of; and we all learned alot!

Adele Rhymer
Perfect Homeschool Tool for Bible

We loved adding this to our homeschool curriculum. Our daughter enjoys using the journal during the lessons.


I was looking for something special to do for our Bible curriculum this school tear. Faithipedia is perfect! It is a unique and well thought-out plan. It's beautiful too and prominently displayed in our school area. Often we jump into Scripture to read or study with our children not realizing they also need to grasp the overall picture of the Word of God. This curriculum offers an engaging, interactive look at the Bible's history and structure. Adding this journal allows each child to "personalize" their study and understanding plus, hopefully, commit things to memory. I'm looking forward so much to beginning this at the start of our school year next week! All of us will learn so much!