Consumer Math for Real Life

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Sometimes it feels like the hardest math problem is deciding what math courses your high schooler should take! If they aren't interested in a STEM career, certain math courses can be unnecessarily frustrating or even seem useless after high school. 

Consumer Math for Real Life is our high school math curriculum recommended for 11th or 12th grade that fulfills an entire math credit while teaching skills your student will use in the real world. Consumer Math contains 16 different units and assesses learning through 22 real-world projects. From creating a budget, to writing a business plan, to planning and calculating the cost to floor a room, this course teaches math from a practical perspective. By the end of this course, your student will:

  • understand saving and investing.
  • learn what costs are associated with life.
  • know how to apply critical thinking to the real-life problems they encounter.
  • understand the basics of income, taxes, and employee benefits.
  • explore career or academic options for their life after high school.

Most importantly, they will learn that biblical wisdom is the solid foundation on which they can make every decision. Order your book today and help your student understand that math isn't just equations in a textbook!

The Answer Key for Consumer Math which includes parent instructions, project checklists, and calculation answers will be added to your account as a digital download. You can use it on your device or print it.





Customer Reviews

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Exactly what I was looking for!

I have a degree in Finance and have worked in the banking industry for over 10 years. I was looking for a finance course for my high schooler and couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for until I found this! So perfectly simplistic . And I say that as the best compliment. This is exactly what ever teenager needs to know, in a way that is written for them to understand.

Marilyn Rose
Consumer Math

My daughter is 17. She has Asperger’s/HFA. She is a life long unschooler. Recently she asked me for a life skills course that could teach her all the things she would need to know, in order to eventually live independently someday. I saw this book advertised on Facebook, and thought it looked like it would work for her. I’m so glad I bought it! It has all the topics she was asking about, and much more. And it is presented in an easy to understand manner. I’m so happy we found this book!

Win win!

I had just purchased a stewardship math from another well known Christian publishing company, when I got the email about his new math coming out. After looking at it online I decided to order it to compare with what I had. Wow! This is going to be so much more meaningful and concise than the other course. I love how the lessons are fully applicable to your student. It doesn't just show how math is applicable in day to day life with random examples. The numbers are directly input from your student based on a potential career option, for example. It allows them to use math functionally, while allowing them an opportunity to research topics that will directly impact their near future. I love that it is just one spiral bound workbook with scripture built right in. I pray that it will be the perfect solution for my daughter's senior year math next year. If so, I'll be back for three more copies for my other children!

Shelley W
I love it!

I purchased this to consider for a co-op class I will be teaching this fall. I love, love love it! I cannot wait to use it in my class. The projects are fun, engaging, and useful. No boring tests or worksheets-yay!!! The Christian Worldview was important to me and that is woven all throughout. I will update once I have used it but so far I am thrilled with what I am seeing.

Christine Seal
Interesting and Useful

I'm excited to use this curriculum! Everything presented in the book is clearly laid out. Also, I love that a bookmark is included and that these skills learned will be used!


I am SO excited to start this curriculum with my son! Kim has covered everything a boy and girl need to know before heading off on their own. What a treasure for kids—really! Kim, talks about REAL Life Skills in here. She not only discusses topics from checking accounts to insurance to renting or owning a house to shopping/spending but she has given the kids exercises about the topics in the book based on either a hypothetical number or the student needs to research it. It helps these skill concepts become more concrete. Truly a wonderful treasure! 🙌🏻

Sherry Russell
Christian perspective in Math!

My daughter is looking foward to doing this for math. She says, "Finally math that will be useful!" And we are both glad that math can be viewed Biblically!

Digging in

Can’t wait to dig into this math curriculum with my daughter! It will go nicely with our other homeschool curriculum we will be starting in the fall! Excited to see how the Lord prepares my daughter for the real world with this math!

Jamie Robertson

I loved the biblical reasoning behind why we take certain things seriously. Such as our home, transportation, vacations… I love the “real life” math accountability. So glad I made this purchase. Pulling a few lessons for over the summer. To create some good healthy conversations.