Work Unto the Lord Bible Study (Digital)

Does teaching responsibility and good work habits seem impossible?

We all want to have responsible kids, but sometimes it can be easier to do it ourselves than to fight the battles. But easy can come at a cost. When we don't help our kids see the value of hard work, we aren't equipping them for the life God has for them!

One day they will move out, and unless The Jetsons send Rosie over, our kids will need to learn to cook and clean. Not to mention they will need good work habits in order to provide for their families and fulfill God's calling in their lives.

In this Bible study, Work Unto the Lord, we will learn where the idea of work comes from, how God has uniquely designed us for the work He has given us, and how we can develop good work habits.

Work is NOT a dirty word (despite what others will tell you). In fact, work is a gift from God! Are you ready to learn how you can see it that way too? While we still have kids in our homes, we need to take advantage of the time we have to teach them the work ethics they will use for many years to come!

Nothing will be mailed to you as this is a digital product. (The Bible study fun pack does NOT come with the digital file.) You can print off the file and staple it together. We like to use fun duct tape to secure the staples and keep them from poking.

Customer Reviews

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Stephanie R.
Great study so far!

We have only done the first couple of days and it is already a great study and the kids have been putting more effort into this chores and school work. It has also greatly helped and encourage myself as to why we choose to homeschool and that even though some days may feel long and be energy draining, we do this work for the Lord and not for ourselves! Thank you for a great study!

Kimberly Yamasaki
Love this

I love what this teaches and how it really shows how our work should be for the Lord. I also love the digital version because I am able to easily and quickly print off a copy for any of my children… which makes it so much more friendly to our budget with having four children. Thanks for offering this option.

Lesinda Grobler
Such a blessing!

This is one of our recent Bible studies that we worked through and what an eye-opener it was for me and my kids! I would recommend it to every family that wants their kids to really understand the "why" behind doing chores and that work is actually a blessing from the Lord. Thanks Kim for this study!

Kristi Eljuri
Love this

Beautifully boys love these devotions

Carrie Ziemianski
Excellent Study

We have LOVED all of the studies we've gotten from Not Consumed! The Primary version has been excellent for our K-1st grader. We both love the drawing prompts since he's not yet writing much. The length of time it takes to do a lesson is long enough to learn something but short enough to keep the attention of a young kiddo. Love these.

Another fantastic study!

We're in the middle of this study right now and even I (Mom) am learning and thinking of work different (and better) than before. We're about halfway though and I'm seeing a difference in my kids' outlook as well!