My God Says Bundle

Insecurity. Fear. Anxiety. Depression.

Feelings are a very real part of life, especially for kids. Some stuff their feelings until they POP. Others transfer their feelings to anger and frustration that EXPLODES all over those around them. 

Whatever their reaction, every day our kids decide to either believe what the world tells them about themselves or what God tells them

That's why we wrote this journal!

Our My God Says collection helps kids identify their feelings and counsel those feelings with truth. Like David in the book of Psalms, we are going to have feelings! Kids just need to learn how to meet those feelings with truth instead of the lies our culture feeds them.

The My God Says Bundle gives your kids the tools they need to conquer those waves of emotions and stand steadily in this world of ever-changing "truth." Plus you'll love the savings in the bundle price of these 3 unique tools!

Customer Reviews

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I want one for myself!

We got this for my daughter for her 10th birthday and as soon as I flipped through it, I thought how I wished I'd had one when I was younger! No sooner did I think it that I realized I'd still benefit from and love to go through it now. Such a precious and rich resource for my daughter!

Quality content

I really appreciate the solid biblical studies and the option to buy for different age groups. This is a really nice study. Thank you!

Happy Home
So Important

In this world right now its easy to lose sight of who we are. As we raise our kids we want them to know who they are in Christ, and how to handle all the emotions that come at us. This study has been so good and brought up some really good conversations with me and my kids! I love this study!

Jennifer Lewis
Ready For Transformation With God's Help

Kids are so excited to start these journals and activities. It was packaged beautifully, high quality materials, just the right amount of activities to engage in the right Godly processes for the day without it being too time consuming. We have been very blessed with these products! Thank you!

Debbie G

I loved the quality of the books, book marks-felt like Christmas morning, when I opened our box😊
We started including the Old Testament Faithipedia and journal in our homeschool on Wednesdays right away! Everything is wonderful and we are so thankful!!

My daughter begs to do this study!

My daughter absolutely loves this study! I bought one of the "youth" for myself to do with her so that we each have our own to do together. She is 8 and I love that she is learning more about emotions and what God says about them. He made her perfect and that includes her emotions. Learning how to control and use those emotions for His glory is so important. I am actually about to buy another journal for my 14 year old step daughter to do this summer. This is such an important topic for kids to learn and I want to give my kids the tools to do so in a way that glorifies God. So thankful that we found these amazing studies from Not Consumed!

Charlyn Foote

Love it!

Danielle Hayre
Boost to Scriptural Learning

We are all so excited to begin using the What God Says Life Journal! The kids received the bundle as Easter gifts and were thrilled about the content, the Scripture cards, the opportunity to share their thoughts with others through the post cards and stickers, and the overall presentation of the items. I am excited to see some of the deeper questions answered for them through God's Word and deeper study. Thank you so much to everyone at Not Consumed for well-researched, biblically based, family-friendly, sibling-uniting gear and materials! We love you!

Jennifer Horstman
Kids really enjoying

I got this for my kids and they enjoyed it so much I bought a copy for a couple cousins! Definitely recommend!