In the Garden Bible Study for Kids

Prayer is our lifeline as Christians and we know that's a powerful thing. But prayer isn't just for adults—kids need to learn how to use this precious gift from God too! Because it is an exercise of reliance, trust, and surrender to God, prayer takes humility and lots of practice.

In the Garden is our Bible study that tackles the subject of prayer. With 25 simple, Scripture-packed lessons, this study will teach your kids the importance of having a consistent prayer life and help them practice biblical prayer so they can confidently come before the throne of their Heavenly Father with their requests—whether big or small.

Customer Reviews

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Wonderful Quality Study

I usually buy the digital edition of these studies so I can print more than one for my kids, but decided to get the physical book this time and I am so glad I did! It comes with stickers, bookmark, and scripture cards that are a fun encouragement to my kids. The study itself is full of God’s truths, things to think about and talk about that I might not have thought of on my own, and it’s a study that my kids actually learn from and enjoy. Not just a fill in the missing word type study, but a “lets think about this and apply it!” type study.

Caroline Protteau
In the Garden - A Well-rounded Guide to Prayer

This study can help all family members grow in their understanding of what prayer is really all about - how to pray, why to pray, the heart attitude to grow when you speak to and listen and respond to God, the types of prayer and so on. A well-rounded guide to prayer grounded in Scripture.

Tabatha Schreck
Wonderful study for 10 year old boy

We have gone through all of our studies together as a family, but my 10 year old just completed this study on his own. He feels he has grown in his faith and prayer life. I love that the answers are not always obvious, teaching the kids to research Scripture, who wrote it, when it was written, etc. It also teaches them to read previous Scripture, so as to learn the context, which I feel is very important! We haven't been disappointed by any study yet! Thank you, Kim!

Jess Springer
I can already see a difference in the kids

We have almost all of the studies, and I love this one just as much! There is one difference that makes this study a game changer… my kids are learning to come to God in a whole different way. As PK’s sometimes they are expected at church to know more, pray “like grownups”, and sometimes it saps their confidence and leads them to show more than they feel. The beautiful part of this study for me is hearing them admit that as they learn all the ways they can approach God for themselves. This study is helping them approach God as themselves, as they are, not as they think they should be, with what concerns them, with scripture to back it up that God is there and cares. The layout and progression of the study is great too! Their prayers are so much more real and confident! I see them relating to God on so many new levels, and it is like watching a door open in their hearts. I cannot say enough about the studies #not consumed puts out. As a Bible teacher myself of middle schoolers, I so appreciate their in context scripture use and their push for hearing, believing, and then doing God’s will.

We'll do this one again!

We are currently doing this study during our Family Bible Time each night. I was so excited when it came out because we've been wanting to help our boys get out of the habit of always saying the same thing when they pray. This study teaches 10 reasons to pray, 7 ways to pray, and the ACTS acronym to help them remember what they can pray for. We will definitely come back to do this study again next year!

Brandi Perez
Delighted and excited

My daughter loves the everyday Bible studies and I know she's learning from them and learning more about what does reading in the Bible and really is thinking in her head because she can recite me things in the Bible or reason he rehearses just randomly I really enjoy hearing her talk about God

Clarissa Haugen
Wonderful Bible study!

I love these Bible studies, solid biblical truths put in an easy to understand and do book. You have used your God given gifts beautifully! Thank you, for being a blessing to my family.

Chasity Rosario
Cultivating a prayer life!

Such a great resource for parents to help their personal prayer life and children to cultivate a prayer relationship with God.

Dawna Houser
Love this!!

This is a great Bible study!!
We all love it and definitely recommend if you are looking
For a way to teach your kiddos to pray!!