In the Garden Bible Study for Kids

Prayer is our lifeline as Christians and we know that's a powerful thing. But prayer isn't just for adults—kids need to learn how to use this precious gift from God too! Because it is an exercise of reliance, trust, and surrender to God, prayer takes humility and lots of practice.

In the Garden is our Bible study that tackles the subject of prayer. With 25 simple, Scripture-packed lessons, this study will teach your kids the importance of having a consistent prayer life and help them practice biblical prayer so they can confidently come before the throne of their Heavenly Father with their requests—whether big or small.

Customer Reviews

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Caitlin Hammer
Enjoying 'In the Garden'

My two older children (8 and almost 13 years old, respectively) were hooked on the study from the getgo. They loved the story about Grandma at Thanksgiving! The Bible lessons are substantial, thought-provoking, and heart-stirring. We also enjoy choosing from the themes stickers. Great study, thank you!

Rebekah Nafziger
Teaching us how to pray

I snatched up this study when I realized it was on prayer! I am really looking forward to leading my 10-, 14-, and 16-yr olds through this study. Kim’s materials are profound, with just the right amount of scriptures to look up and questions to respond to. We don’t find her to be talking down to any age group in the suggested ages for each level. These studies are really getting my older children to be digging into the Word independently and then being able to articulate what they’ve gleaned from it! They are always excited when I hand out the next study!

Excellent resource to teach about the important of prayer!

We really enjoyed this study; very well done.

Tesse Hotchkiss
In the Garden

We just started this study this month. So far we are loving it. We are finding it very informative. Keep up the awesome work. Our family appreciates all the time you put into putting these studies together.

Krystal Bugher
The whole 5 stars!!!

Finally, a study that encourages you to open the Word, read it, and soak it all in! I love that she offers different age groups for each child to have their own study book, but it’s still perfect for the whole family to do together. She also offers them at affordable prices to allow all families to have these studies in their homes. We are huge #notcomsumed fans!!

Great studies

Love the not consumed studies, they are great!

Cassy Satterfield
Perfect for my daughter!!

Beautiful and complete study. Absolutely what we needed!

A Blessing!

My middle daughter and I have been going through this and it has been such a blessing! The questions have been making her think, and we’ve had some nice discussions over what prayer is. This has been a very good study.

Great study

My 10 year old daughter and I are enjoying this study on prayer. She’s excited to share this with me and quickly goes off to write in her prayer journal.