Bible Tabs for Kids

Looking for a fun way to help your kids learn where each book of the Bible is found? Our Bible Tabs for Kids are the perfect thing for making Bible study easier and more accessible.

These stick-on tabs are simple and easy to place in your Bible with just a pencil and a ruler to help. Each tab notes one book of the Bible and its literary genre. Then, all the books in the same genre are color-coded to match each other! Tabs measure approximately 1.25" long and extend about .25" over the edge of the page.

These Bible tabs not only help your kids remember where each book of the Bible is, but also show them connections between them as they grow in knowledge of God's Word!

Customer Reviews

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These tabs are very helpful in aiding my son find books of the Bible quickly!


Great! I’m enjoying going through with my daughter and she loves the little extras goodies!

Great for kids

My daughter loves these tabs. Very easy for her to setup her Bible on her own and find her verses with ease.

Bold and easy to use

I like the bold colors and how they are color coded by type of book. Also having the type of book is nice as well. My daughter is not yet reading but this makes it easier to thumb through the pages.

Deborah Cariker
Hubby says…

These tabs are GREAT!!!

These are so easy to use

Gave these to my 5 year old as a stocking stuffer. He loved them! Has really helped him follow along in church

Jennifer Roche
Perfect !

I am home schooling my daughter, having the tabs teaches her at an early age where the books of the Bible are. They are bright and colorful pretty to look at.

Exactly what we wanted

These are perfect for us! I love that every item I have purchased from Not Consumed has been of highest quality printing materials. These are no exception. We love the matte finish, colors and categories, and ease of install. As long as you have not folded it on itself, each tab is removeable, even with thin pages, if you need to adjust. Then, it is quite strong once fully applied.
My son just turned five and loves to look verses up in the Bible. These tabs allow him to look up verses completely independently. We waited to use them until he had learned all of his books of the Bible (so as not to use as a crutch), but having the tabs keeps him from getting frustrated with the thin pages of a "regular" grown up Bible as he thumbs to the right book. LOVE THEM!


Easy to put on, and love they are broken up by color corresponding to the Bible Game cards.