#NotConsumed Prayer Journal

I have a confession to make: I'm a journal junkie. Specifically, a prayer journal junkie. I've used dozens and seem to always have a handful of half-written-in journals lying around. You too?
Meet the #NotConsumed Prayer Journal. You'll find . . .
🙏 Organized and intentional layout
🙏 Manageable chunks for daily prayers
🙏 LONG-TERM prayer lists
🙏 Gratitude and daily highlight prompts
🙏 Durable, spill-proof, and beautiful format 

Great for teens or adults, you will have everything you need for an entire year of prayer, including the pen! New to prayer? That's okay, too! We will guide you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 233 reviews

The Prayer Journal is a wonderful addition to my prayer time. I wish the fonts were bolder so it would be easier to read.

Joy M
Exceeded Expectations

At no fault of Not Consumed, I had a few issues getting my product and the customer service team jumped in and helped figure it out. Five stars for great customer service. When the product arrived, it was much more detailed than I expected but not complicated. I tend to be one of those people with a lot of half-used planners but this has such a natural flow that I use it consistently. It is undated so if I do miss a day, I have not wasted a page. Five stars for a great layout and ease of use. The spiral binding does not get caught as some do. The quality is very nice. Five stars for superior quality. As you can tell, I am 100 percent happy with my purchase from Not Consumed.

Christina Robertson
Great Prayer journal

I bought this as a gift for a friend and almost kept it myself! I loved the layout, the beauty and simplicity of it, and the guidance through prayer. Can’t wait to get mine!

Carmel Goneau
It is a wonderful prayer journal!!

I just love this prayer journal from Not Consumed! It is very thoughtfully laid out and there is plenty of room for prayers and Scriptures. At first I thought there might not be enough room to be creative, but there is that as well. I felt reticient about using the "Confession" section for actual sins, lest anyone should happen upon it; so, I am using it for Christian affirmations (which is confession, in a way) with Scriptural bases and it works out just fine, reinforcing who I am in Christ. I haven't used the longer prayer pages in the back yet, but am looking forward to it. All in all, it is a wonderful addition to my prayertime. I am very grateful to Not Consumed for providing it. Thank you.

Tonya Stroup
Absolutely LOVE this Prayer Journal

If I can be completely honest with you, praying is not my forte. I struggle with sitting still and not getting distracted. I have found that journaling my prayers is what helps me to be intentional with my time talking to God. This journal is beautiful and so easy to follow. Its not all I use to journal my prayers but it is what I use to get my prayer time started! Its amazing because I'm able start my prayer time with focus and purpose.

Heather B.
Truly Amazing

This prayer book has drastically improved my prayer life. I have been in a season of struggling with a dry prayer life. This has renewed my prayer life in so many ways!

Debbie Rogero
Not Your Average Prayer Journal!

There is no excuse for a lack of quiet time with this perfectly constructed prayer journal. Kim has included thoughtful writing prompts and prayers to personalize, all in a visually appealing layout. I love to write, however, this love turns into a daunting task when it came to my prayer life. I am an admitted "serial highlighter" with a "long-winded thought process." The design of this journal keeps my thoughts concise and covers six specific areas which keep me focused. Tabbed sections in the back provide additional space for reflection and prayer. The sticker packet I purchased is a perfect complement for study, prayer, and encouragement.
I am thrilled with this journal and I look forward to filling the pages with worship, praise, and answered prayer!

Betsy H
Best prayer journal I have tried!

I absolutely love this prayer journal! The design gives you just enough space to write out detailed thoughts each day with the perfect prompts. I love that it is designed in a one page a day design, and I really enjoy the extra section in the back with scripture references for the different areas we are focusing on. Perfect design! This is one I definitely see myself reordering to use again and again!

So impressed!!

I cannot imagine finding a prayer journal that I like better than this. It is beautiful, beautifully packaged, perfectly functional, very informative, and so much more than I expected when I ordered it. I love it! And my mother loves the one I bought her.