Books of the Bible Game

Want a fun and exciting way to learn the Books of the Bible?

For kids of all ages, just memorizing the books of the Bible can be difficult, and knowing what's in each book can feel nearly impossible! That's why we made the Books of the Bible Game! 

While playing games and engaging in some fun, friendly competition, your kids will practice memorizing where each book is located in the Bible, which literary genre it belongs to, and some basic facts about what each book contains. You'll be surprised at how much they pick up while scrambling to win the "Slap it" or "Bible Place Race" games.

The Books of the Bible game set includes 75 playing cards with instructions to play 13 different games but you can also get creative and come up with your own games too!

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

We haven't played all the game variations but are loving it! The cards are sturdy and so beautiful.

Lois Talley

Great fun while learning.

Alicia Roberts
Great Tool for Learning

I’m so impressed with the quality of these cards! We are excited to use them to learn the books of the Bible.

Missy Hasel
So versatile!

Love these cards! Our kids really enjoyed a good round of Go Fish for our first use. They have enjoyed lining them up in order and I’m excited to grow into them for the facts each card contains.

Lindsey Diggs
Fun and Super Effective!

We absolutely love these games! My 11-year-old and 8-year-old have improved their Bible book skills tremendously, and of course they love to play games! Excellent resource- we’re having fun family time together and learning useful Bible skills at the same time!

Rachel B.
Beautiful Tool for Learning the Books of the Bible

These cards are beautifully made and so strong and durable. I love all the information for each book on the individual cards. The various instructions for games that can be played with them is so very helpful. I recommend them for every homeschool family, Sunday School class, and anyone who wants to learn more about the books of the Bible while learning them in order.

Sarah Gamlieli
A Beautiful Game

There are so many options of ways to play with this game. Such a fun and engaging way for my whole family to learn more about the books of the Bible. It’s very portable, so great to pack up and take with us on trips, to the park, or quiz each other in the car. My children have become very excited to tell me different things they learn about each book.

A. Garritson

We are going to use this on our upcoming vacation, so we are still being reminded and learning the truth while enjoying the time.🙏🏼

Such a fun game!

This game has so many different ways to play for multiple ages. It's a great tool for learning books of the Bible as well as more about each one and how each one fits into the Bible as a whole. It's definitely fun for the whole family!