Faithipedia New Testament Flipbook: Daily Apologetics for Families

Do you ever feel like there are so many things you want to teach your kids about our faith, but you don't know where to start or how to fit it all in? Check out the New Testament volume of our newest addition to our homeschool products, Faithipedia: Daily Apologetics for Families! As you might guess from its name, this easy-to-use flipbook is PACKED with knowledge about our faith and our God all in one place.

Discussing big truths in manageable, bite-sized lessons, each five-day unit covers 27 weeks and includes an overview of a book of the New Testament, a snapshot of God's timeline, a related attribute of God, a discussion of a theological term, and a true story of a faithful man or woman of God.

While one flipbook is perfect for teaching your whole family, make sure you grab a Faithipedia Journal for each of your children so they can apply what they learn daily by working through their own age-specific activities and journaling prompts!

Written from a young-earth perspective, this carefully planned and researched apologetics resource will help you cultivate a strong biblical worldview so you can stand firm in your faith!

Customer Reviews

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amanda burkett
Really nice quality

This is attractive and well-designed. It is a meaningful, thought provoking addition to the day without being too lengthy or intense to use with "normal" school or Bible study/devotion.

Conversation Starter

We are only on week one, but so far we love it. It’s big enough to be a visual reminder to do daily. It doesn’t take long but usually has extra Bible verses to look at if you want to continue the discussion. It’s pretty and catches peoples eyes which is an easy way to start talking about Jesus to visitors.

Jessica Hansen
Well done!

I was looking for something I could divide up between 5 days that would help us dig into the Bible in a constructive way as part of our homeschool day. I love that the way this is made, each week meets my desired time box, and each day's lesson can be varied depending on how many of the extra verses listed I want to dig into, and how much I want to say about each one. We have both primary journal and the regular journal and the stickers make it fun for us. The questions and things to write have helped it be more engaging too. One favorite part of this study is the day we learn about a person who followed Jesus. The kids enjoyed that, too (5, 8, 10). I also love the in-depth study on a characteristic of God and the Word of the week. Truly, it’s all so well done, and it all holds fast to God’s Word. Thank you!

Nicole kemp
So amazing!!

We love this! My kids are 8 and 13! We will definitely be buying the Old Testament when we finish this one. And I will definitely be buying more Bible studies and stuff. So amazing!


My kids (6 and 10) and I love this curriculum! It’s been a super fun, hands on part of our morning time. They love the stickers and all the space to color and write in their personalized journals. I’m loving the wonderful truth we are learning together. I geek out over teaching theology to kids, and this has been a great pairing with that desire!

Excellent Addition to Our Morning Time

We've been using the Faithipedia and the journals for a while now. My kiddos doing the journals are 11, 10, 8, and 6. The six-year-old does the younger version of the journal. The 10-15 minutes it takes each morning has brought about many good conversations. I highly recommend it to any family- homeschooling or not.

Faithipedia: New Testsment

This product is beautiful and high quality! We are using it during our morning school time, and I love how simple it’s making our group devotion time! Sound instruction, for sure!

Dorothy Williford
Faithipedia NT, Awesome

I absolutely love the content organization and appreciate the flip book's high quality. Will use it with our grands when they visit plus with the kids at church on Sundays & Wednesdays.

Stephanie R.

We have not started this yet with the kids but I have looked through all of it and the journals look so fun that I wish I would have bought one for myself! I love the simple layout of the flip book and the sturdiness of them is excellent. Can’t wait to start this later this month for our family devotions after supper! I plan on making notecards for the definitions and keep them in an index card book to easily go back through the terms and review.