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Homeschool Reading Journal (Groups)

Reading Journal

Is reading a constant battle in your homeschool?

When one of my daughters began seriously struggling with our reading curriculum, I had to do something drastic. I knew there were some underlying vision issues causing her to be a little below level, but the main issue was that she hated the subject.

We needed a change. So I dusted off my M.A.Ed. and created a reading curriculum that would fit ANY book that piqued her interest. Together she and I created something that changed everything. And we want you to have it, too.

Meet the Reading Journal.

Click here to check out my daughter's review of the journal.

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The Reading Journal is comprised of 28 unique lessons that focus on vocabulary, word study, comprehension, and higher-level thinking skills. The journal features each lesson 6 times throughout the year, providing just the right amount of practice without too much monotony.

About once a week, students are asked to evaluate the content of their book based on God's truth. They will compare/contrast with Scripture, consider a character's behavior/influence, and even write out how they might share Jesus with the character.

Once a child learns how to read, he/she needs to continue skill-building throughout the elementary years. The Reading Journal provides the necessary practice for grades 2-8 while still allowing the student to choose what he/she would most enjoy reading.

Peek Inside

You can view a sample of the Reading Journal by clicking here. It will lead you to a page with the pdf file. You can view it there or download it to your computer for easier viewing. If there is more than one version of this product, a sample of each will be included.

You can also find the step-by-step process for creating your own curriculum here.

If you'd like a softcover copy, instead of digital, please click here.

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