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Fruit of the Tongue Bible Study

The words we say matter in a HUGE way to God, and they have tremendous power over our lives and the lives of those around us.

This 4-week Bible study for kids covers one of the most powerful issues we face: controlling our tongue. The Bible shows us how to choose life or death.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Melissa Hancock
Gave us a lot to think about when using our tongue!

Wow, we really enjoyed this study!! We used this study after "My Brother's Keeper". My kids now think about if they are using their tongues for life or death, honestly I think that way too! These studies are wonderful for all ages, not just children. We are going to keep going through the Not Consumed studies and then we'll start over again. They are so well done!

Lesinda Grobler

What a wonderful Bible study that go in depth on this topic that effects our daily lives so much! I love the practical questions and application of the principles thought from God's Word. Thanks Kim for creating this study.

Lisa Surendranath
Money well spent

Surely I’m not the only mom with kids who have a negative inner dialogue, especially when it comes to frustrating school subjects! I used this study to kick off our new year, and loved how it stresses how our words/tongue hold so much power. This is a great study to help students learn about the life-giving (or life-killing) power of the words we say, whether to ourselves or others!

Katheryn Shaw
Love it!

My kids and I are loving working through this Bible Study together! Makes it easy even for my 9 year old to lead us through!

Kendall Colquitt
Really Great Product

I was struggling finding a devotional that all my children of various ages could use. In that sense, this fit the bill. I like how you can get a family study but geared towards different age levels. I wish however, that she included the bible verses in the study. While I think kids digging in the word to find certain verses is valuable, it takes a lot of time and is disruptive to the thought process to have to keep flipping around trying to find verses. It's distracting. It would allow for a more succinct study to have the verses already there. We first did the developing a quiet time study, and that was very helpful with developing the habit with both myself and my kids. My feed back from my kids is that they would like less of a topical study next and more of a specific book study. Overall, great product.

Robbie Shuck
Wonderful Conversations

My soon to be 6 year old has loved this study and asks me to do it on days that I forget. He has stopped himself before saying rude things that would normally slip from his tongue and says “remember the fruit of the tongue”…. He has even reminded dad and me on a couple of occasions. I’m so happy we invested the time into this material and belief we will see the benefits of the Holy Spirit moving through this study for years to come.

Samantha Carter
Highly recommend this study

I have 3 children ages 3, 5, and 7. This was our first study by "Not Consumed." My family loved doing this devotional together. I like the way each topic is described and the scripture that went along with it. It was very helpful and my children are even applying the things they've learned outside of the study as well. I plan to cycle back through and do this study once or twice a year because it is so good! Thank you for this resource! I've already bought another study because this one was so good!

Cortney Graham
Loving It

This has been perfect for my 6 year old son, it is just the right length of time for his attention span and the daily drawing exercise is perfect! I am learning a lot from it too! I like how it points you to the Bible verses and has you teaching them how to look them up vs just reading them in the booklet. And the lessons are very powerful! There were lots of little extras included (verse cards, bookmark, stickers, etc) - you can tell this is truly a company that goes the extra mile to spread the word, and the love of Jesus.

Jamie Ledford
A Fantastic Study

This study has been a blessing to our family! We love the thoughtful questions that have led to beautiful conversations about the power of the tongue for good and bad. I see this changing the way we talk to each other in our home. What a blessing!