Hedge of Thorns Audio Drama (ages 8+)

John is determined to discover the secret that has been kept from him for so long. He must find out what is on the other side of the hedge! John learns that there are grave consequences to crossing the boundaries that God has set for him - an unforgettable lesson that has left an indelible mark on his life. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
10 year old loved it

My 10 year old daughter was mesmerized. My 4 year old went off to play with toys. Lol. Great for older kids

Josie Iverson
We love the story.

We love the story. My kids turn this on all the time on their CD players in their rooms and listen to the story over and over again. I highly recommend it. I have a seven year old girl and a nine year old boy and it is perfect for their age.

Veronica Yosting

Played for the kids who love audible stories and it was exciting !

Amanda Phares

I played this in the car and we all liked the story. Has very good lessons and not boring at all :)

Carla Bales
Great audio adventure

My son has listened to this nearly everyday. He loves it. The story is wonderful.

Paige Bowman
Great values

We thoroughly enjoyed this as a family. It is packed with morals and lessons. We are craving more after listening to this one.

Christina Sizemore
Love it

My family really enjoyed listening to this on a drive out to grandma's. Very happy this it!

Marquet Jones
My kids loved it

My 10, 8, and 6 year old boys all loved this. They wanted to listen again and share with their friends. It is a simple story but it did open up much room for discussion about making the right choices, not lusting for the wrong thing, being deceived and alcohol. The alcohol reference is inferred, not too strong but obvious. The main character suffered consequences for his decisions and ultimately learned his lesson though the hard way. It was a good listen. I recommend