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Elijah and the Famine Audio Drama

When an eccentric professor brings his time machine to Crestview Elementary School for the science demonstration, six unsuspecting students are in for the adventure of a lifetime as they are accidentally sent back in time!

With side-splitting laughs, wild adventures, and character-building lessons, this first-ever audio drama from the Academy of Arts will keep every member of your family laughing and learning for years to come!

You'll love the focus on strong sibling relationships and biblical truth in this brand new adventure!

Pairs perfectly with our sibling collection and My Brother's Keeper Bible study

2 hours total running time

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

My kids loved this! They are used to listening to theatrical audio, and this one was a hit. I regret not adding on the audio story to the last study I ordered, that won't happen again!

Tara Fletcher
Professor Phineas T Boggs Review

Super cute story! It goes right along with what we’re learning in the sibling study and the kids love hearing the Bible stories and learning about the Bible in this fun way!

Danielle Zehring
New Audio fave!

My kids are obsessed with The Brinkmans Adventures audio drama...they were so excited to try this new audio drama with their study.

Rachel Koser

We loved listening to this audio drama. My 6 and 4 year old have asked to listento it over and over again. I would highly recommend getting this to go with your study.

Emily White
We love this!

My son LOVES listening to Adventure in Odyssey, so this is right up his ally. He couldn’t wait for another car ride to continue to listen to the story.

Kristin Haygood
First Audio Drama Experience

This has been our first audio drama. My kids and I have really enjoyed it so far. We live out in the country, so it takes us at least 30 minutes to go anywhere. Listening to this CD has been fun for all of us. It’s even led to a couple of good discussions. The story is great and really brings the story of Elijah to life. We’ve enjoyed it so much, I think I’ll look into ordering more audio dramas.

Josie Iverson
Great Audio Drama

My kids LOVE this audio drama. My 6 year old girl wants to listen to it every single night when she’s going to sleep. I was skeptical because of the price but it was worth every penny.

Everything Family
Really liked it.

The kids and I really liked the audio cd. It was a bit expensive to me to be honest, but I also understand it is coming from a small company. With that said, it really is a wonderful audio and it really keeps the kids engaged.

We loved it

My kids absolutely love audio dramas and have been wanting to get a new one. They loved the story and songs and have listened to it over and over.