Sibling Challenge Game

The Sibling Challenge Game will serve as a tool to help challenge your kids to serve, love, give, encourage, share, and more.

The Sibling Challenge Game is the perfect tool to help your kids learn to love their siblings and intentionally build healthy relationships.

We all know sibling relationships are hard. Anytime we live closely with someone our own desires, opinions, and ideas will cause friction in that relationship.

But we can't give up! With God's help, we can use tools like this one to help us love well. 

This game will serve as a tool to help challenge your kids to serve, love, give, encourage, share, and more.



Customer Reviews

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Exactly what we were looking for!

We love the layout of this study and how it is designed to work for all ages!


Awesome Game!


While this set is made for one child, I only purchased one set and we made it work for all 3 of my boys! They each have their own puzzle to solve and so they each get to scratch of the corresponding spot on the card - so the would each do the task once for one of (or both) of their brothers. It works well for us, and is a lovely way to get them to do something kind for one another. Such a great idea!


I like the challenges. It was just a little hard with my three year old because he doesn’t know how to write so the writing part I just had to find cards that could fit his skill level

Excellent Resource

These cards are beautiful and my kids are excited to use them!

Sarah Gamlieli
My Kids Are Excited To Play

This game has been so fun and beneficial, especially for my kids who are closer in age. They start cheering every time I ask them if they want to play.

The Sibling Challenge Game

This game is exactly what I needed for my daughters! What a beautiful, wonderful idea!

Julie Petersen
Love this

My kids ( 9 and 11) have been doing this for the past 6 months. It's ramped up over the summer and we love it. It gives them things to do together while practicing patience and making good choices. We love it AND you can do it 3 times.

Another Great One from Not Consumed!

We've really enjoyed this game. My boys enjoy the different ways they get to show love for each other. My husband and I have also joined in, so sometimes they get to do nice things for us and they like that. Thanks for the creative ways to get the boys' minds thinking of their brothers over themselves! Awesome as always!