In the Garden: A Bible Study on Prayer


In the Garden: A Bible Study on Prayer

When asked "who wants to pray?," do your kids avoid praying at all costs? When they do pray aloud, do they say the same things again and again? By not understanding the importance of prayer, your kids are missing out on the most powerful gift God has given us!

Our Bible study on prayer, In the Garden, is a hands-on, kid-oriented approach to defining and practicing prayer. Through 25 daily lessons, this study provides:

  • A biblical understanding of prayer
  • An explanation rooted in scripture on why prayer is important
  • A framework for how to pray 

This study will give your kids the knowledge and opportunity to enjoy God's precious gift of prayer. Order your study today and watch your kids flourish!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews

These are such amazing Bible studies even as an adult I am learning from these everybody should check them out

Joni Stephenson
Beautiful study

The studies are amazing. I truly love the quality, time , and effort put into making this study. What a great teaching tool for the kids! Beautifully written and packed full of biblical truth.


I love these products geared towards discipling hearts!

Jenny Ballwahn
Great study with one tip

I ordered 2 parent books and 2 youth books for my 2 teenagers. We read and do the work together each night and are enjoying it. My suggestion is to just order the youth books for everyone. The parent book doesn't have all the same questions so I'm constantly asking my daughter to see her book during our study. Would have been better to all have the same book. Other than that, I'd recommend the study on prayer.


Love these books

debey hancock

A great way to learn about prayer and fun at the same time

Brandi Davis
We love these studies

In the garden was the first study we completed from NotConsumed and it was such a great place to start! The stickers are beautiful, the resources are engaging, the layout of each day is interesting and keeps us coming back for more. Daresay, my son even ENJOYED it!

Melissa G
I’m the Garden p/y/jr books

We are 7 days into this study, with my goal being that June was our deadline. We all know how life gets in the way. My girls are taking the lead and learning through their personal scripture journey, and mine, the truth of Gods word and why we need it. I believe when I prayed for help, I was lead to Not Consumed. You all are excellent in what you do, thank you. Plus, the family focused time is so intentionally needed.

Powerful Prayer

This study is excellent. My kids have enjoyed all of Kim's studies, and this was no exception. They always comment on how relevant the topics are, without talking down. A perfect amount of accountability and grace. Keep them coming!