Faithipedia Old Testament Flipbook: Daily Apologetics for Families

Do you ever feel like there are so many things you want to teach your kids about our faith, but you don't know where to start or how to fit it all in? Check out the Old Testament volume of our newest addition to our homeschool products, Faithipedia: Daily Apologetics for Families! As you might guess from its name, this easy-to-use flipbook is PACKED with knowledge about our faith and our God all in one place.

Discussing big truths in manageable, bite-sized lessons, each five-day unit covers 36 weeks and includes an overview of a book of the Old Testament, a snapshot of God's timeline, a related attribute of God, a discussion of a theological term, and a true story of a faithful man or woman of God.

While one flipbook is perfect for teaching your whole family, make sure you grab a Faithipedia Journal for each of your children so they can apply what they learn daily by working through their own age-specific activities and journaling prompts!

Written from a young-earth perspective, this carefully planned and researched apologetics resource will help you cultivate a strong biblical worldview so you can stand firm in your faith!

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Customer Reviews

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Love this!

What a great resource! Our whole family is really enjoying this every day. It’s very thoughtfully laid out. My kids look forward to it and love to take turns flipping the pages. Can’t wait to get the New Testament one next!

Heidi Chou
Great Resource

So excited to have this resource!

Laura B
Perfect Morning Time Resource

We just finished using the Old Testament Faithipedia in our homeschool morning time with our kids ages 4, 10, and 12. It is so easy and takes only a few minutes each day, and it's nice to cover some topics and history that we wouldn't necessarily cover otherwise. We look forward to using and enjoying the NT Faithipedia as well!


We are only 1 week in. But my kiddos are coming to the table excited to learn together ❤️. So very thankful for that!

We love this!

We have both the Old, and New Testament Faithpedia's. They are a great addition to our homeschool, and walk with Christ. It is presented in a way that makes it understandable for my 7 year old, and discussion prompting for my 11 year old. I also really love that this is made to stand, rather than a typical book. It allows all of my boys to easily see the contents. The journals are a lovely addition.

Mary Kanters
Excellent tool for Educating Classically or with the Charlotte Mason approach

I use this resource daily to supplement Bible time with my five children ages 1-10. Employing the Five Core Habits of naming, attending, memorizing, expressing, and story telling seems effortless when guided by this tool. I am also able to introduce elements of the Five Common Topics with my older student. I love that I need only one resource for all children and that each one is gleaning much from our time spent with this flip book. Five stars also for ease of use and portability!

Amy Smith
Wonderful Resource!

We LOVE this flip chart. It gives an overview of each Old Testament book of the Bible, a glimpse of where in history it falls, and an overview of the author and theme. I love that it enhances our understanding of the context of each book without requiring intense study. It truly is a supplement to our education about the Bible. I would recommend it to anyone.

Love this!

We have both the Old and New Testament faithipedias, as well as the accompanying workbooks. These are such a wonderful resource! I recommend them to all Christian families.

Susan Bailey
Love it

I bought this for my daughter to read each day when she does her devotions and as part of our Bible lessons in homeschooling. I'm very happy with it! I love it when she tells me something she's learned from it 😊