Work Unto the Lord Bible Study for Kids - Not Consumed

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Work Unto the Lord Bible Study for Kids

Does teaching responsibility and good work habits seem impossible?

We all want to have responsible kids, but sometimes it can be easier to do it ourselves than to fight the battles. But easy can come at a cost. When we don't help our kids see the value of hard work, we aren't equipping them for the life God has for them!

One day they will move out, and unless The Jetsons send Rosie over, our kids will need to learn to cook and clean. Not to mention they will need good work habits in order to provide for their families and fulfill God's calling in their lives.

In this Bible study, Work Unto the Lord, we will learn where the idea of work comes from, how God has uniquely designed us for the work He has given us, and how we can develop good work habits.

Work is NOT a dirty word (despite what others will tell you). In fact, work is a gift from God! Are you ready to learn how you can see it that way too? While we still have kids in our homes, we need to take advantage of the time we have to teach them the work ethics they will use for many years to come!

Click here for the digital version.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Brenda Buitron
My kids enjoy it and understand almost everything in it !

It showed my kids new stuff they weren’t aware of and they liked the fact they. Could draw

Another fantastic study!

Every Not Consumed study we do is amazing and this one doesn't disappoint! We all learned so much doing this study (even Mom!) and I've seen real growth in my kids taking ownership for their responsibilities, and doing it without as much complaining as before.

Leesa StPierre
Love it!

My kids and I love this study. They ASK to do it! The quality and value is excellent. Thank you Kim for all you you do for families. If you are thinking about this product, just buy it. You will be so happy you did.


This is a great Bible study for the family. We are about half way through and have really been enjoying it. We have primer and junior and my kids stay engaged and it even helps me want to work harder for the Lord and not for people :)

Amber Jacobs
It's Our Next Project

We haven't gotten to it yet. We are currently working on a devotional I bought called, Together Time, from Mary & Martha. Once we are done with that, we will begin this Bible Study.

Kay Ellis
Wonderful Bible Study - Work Unto the Lord

We are on day 15 of the Work Unto The Lord Bible Study. My son usually asks for it to be his first subject in our homeschool. He is really enjoying it as I am too. He is really listening and participating in the lesson. Yesterday, he began to grumble about having to do math (which is his least favorite subject!!) and he stopped himself and said, "Okay, I need to change my attitude because this is my work and I need to do it for Jesus." I was so proud of him for that. AND I am proud to have found Not Consumed and the excellence that is in this teaching. Even the wrapping that it was shipped in showed love and care. I am more than pleased with this study and will be ordering more in the future. We are excited to have found Not Consumed.

Nicole Smith
Work 4 Him

I am so thankful that this study was placed in my lap. I homeschool 3 children each with there own unique qualities, being able to have each child on there own book is amazing, teaching them to investigate the scriptures, see what God says, not taking other people’s word for truth is very important to my husband and I. I am being reminded of Gods words on particular topics, I am overjoyed 😁. I ordered 4 more for next year!! Thank you for all the work each family does to put these in my life!!

Brittany Dickerson
Awesome printed materials!!

I usually buy the digital and hole punch the study for my kids, but for this study I bought physical booklets. The verses and buttons that come with the study are so much fun! And the study is so much more compact and easy to take along with us than a huge binder.

Lymarie Classens
Work into the Lord

I love this bible study. My kids love it. I love the it connected to may verses in the bible. I can't wait to get other bible stuies. I recommend this to everyone.