Work Unto the Lord Bible Study for Kids

Work Unto the Lord Bible Study for Kids

Does teaching responsibility and good work habits seem impossible to you?

We all want to have responsible kids, but sometimes it can be easier to do things ourselves than to require diligence from them. But easy can come at a cost. When we don't help our kids see the value of hard work, we aren't equipping them for the life God has for them!

In this Bible study, Work Unto the Lord, we will learn where the idea of work comes from, how God has uniquely designed us for the work He has given us, and how we can develop good work habits that help us fulfill God's calling in our lives.

Work is a gift from God! Are you ready to learn how you can see it that way too? 

Customer Reviews

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Adele Rhymer
Great Model for living

Our family enjoyed the Biblical lessons/principles that we could apply to our daily work ethic and mindset. Thank-you for providing tools to make it easy to reinforce such principles.

Kristin Miller
Amazing Study

My kids are working on this currently. It was much needed in our family. As much as they like to help sometimes there is complaining so this is helping to understand why it’s important to help one another etc.

Morgan Tillman

My family completed the Work Unto the Lord Study and it was so good! It really touched on some major things with regards to working. How in todays society we see work as a burden and not a gift from God. Also that we are so used to complaining about what we need to do that we forget to thank him having things to do. Work serves so many purposes in our lives. We LOVED this study and will definitely do it again. It helped change the overall tone of our home with regards to work and service.

Jennifer Welch

This study was so great- I love how it teaches young children the importance of working unto the Lord. I definitely recommend this to everyone!

Wonderful Study!

This was a wonderful study for all three of my kids and I to go through together! I knew that I wanted my kids to be hard working and to work for the Lord but I didn’t know how to teach that or encourage that and this study really gave me the words and concepts to teach and use in the years to come and it broke things down well for my kids to grasp and really had an impact on their hearts and their attitude towards work. These studies have been a great blessing to us and I am so thankful for how they are rooted in scripture and equip the parent to teach on topics that they desire to guide their kids in but don’t know where to start or how to go about instructing them. Thank you for such a wonderful study on work! I am looking forward to doing your other studies with my children!

Thumbs up

Just completed this study with my 3 kids ages 7-10. They seemed to like it and we had a lot of great discussions.

Jennifer Horstman
Very good!!

We are doing this study currently and are really enjoying it! Thank you!

Tiffany Stockton
Straightforward, yet encouraging

I picked up this study because my children were struggling with a deplorable work ethic. They were constantly complaining about the slightest little thing they were asked to do and continually spoke about how boring their chores were or asked why they had to work at all. Despite consistent instruction on Bible verses and reminders, they simply weren't receiving the truth from me as their mother. Enter the Bible study, which presented the same truths I had been attempting to teach in daily bite-size concepts all connected to the idea of work. Contrary to how discussions had previously gone, once we dove into this study, my kids were more eager to share their takeaways and even engage in discussion with me about the questions presented. It's not that what was included was any different than what I had already shared. It's just that the truths were coming from someone or something other than Mom or Dad. :)

The 4 different levels covering the same topic are really helpful. I pick up the middle one for my son and the youth for my daughter in addition to the parent guide, and we all complete our 2 pages each day together, discussing as presented. We also have a sharing time and a key takeaway once we finish. The idea of being specifically gifted and created for work, and the responsibility to work because we are part of a greater purpose and plan was such fantastic perspective, and it drove home the point of what I had been trying to help my children understand. The questions and concepts to ponder helped my children gain insight and view the meaning of work from a different perspective which enabled them to form their own personal application and understanding.

No tip-toeing around the truth with this one! Hit hard, yet with grace, and told each reader to not only understand the purpose of work but also accept the responsibility that comes with living on this earth. Great stuff!

Great study tool

I still recall how this study helped even myself learn about work in God's sight.. highly recommend