Uncovering Mercies at the Manger

Christmas is a time for celebration, but do you know WHY? Come search out the why behind Christmas joy and hope in our Christmas Bible study that uncovers the mercies of God leading up to and at the manger.

In this study, you will get a front-row seat as the BEST story ever is unfolded one precious truth at a time. Search out the mystery of the gospel and understand how each piece of Jesus' story fits together to show God's breathtaking and merciful plan. 

This 25-day Bible study is a beautiful and purposeful way to lead up to Christmas day. As you work through each lesson, marvel at the goodness of God in sending His Son to be the perfect gift to this lost and hurting world.

Use our new Christmas Countdown Cards along with this study as a visible and exciting reminder of what God did by sending Jesus to be born in a manger!

Customer Reviews

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We did this around Christmas and it was perfect

This study was a perfect addition to help us teach our children. Love the way it is written perfectly for young kids

Sierra Miller
Amazing Study!

My daughter and I really enjoy our Bible study time together. This is her favorite subject and the best way to start our homeschool days. I have absolutely been blown away at how the stories are connected and everything brought full circle to a greater understanding. I have learned so much! I am continually amazed and excited for more!

This is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We did this last Christmas and I loved it so so so so much! All 3 of my kids loved it, I loved it, and my husband did too!!!!!!! So much thought went into this devotion and we appreciate it!!!!!! You went above and beyond!!!!!

Jessie Gilliland
Very thorough study of Christmas

We loved how Bible centered this study was, always pointing us to the reason God sent Christ to us. The short lessons were great for our 6 year old. We carefully packed away to use again next year!

Amy Carr
Beautiful addition to our annual advent activities

Both of my children, ages 5 and 11, LOVED these Bible study books. My little guy loved drawing the pictures; my daughter was very involved in answering all the questions in her workbook. I hope there is something similar for next year. We also all enjoyed the beautiful stickers that came with each of our age-appropriate study books. Thank you!

Love it

So excited to do this this Christmas!

Great understanding of Christ's story for the whole family

This study was fantastic for showing Christ's fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies! My kids were able to relate Old Testament stories and see Jesus in them. I loved the practical and age appropriate lessons at each level. I can't wait to do more studies!

Enjoyed it!

Loved the beautiful cards and the book. Our four year old started to understand the story this year. Loved watching her figure out the mercies in each story and start to remember many characters in the Bible. We are looking forward to doing it again next year!

Becky Kirkland
Great for dinner time devotions

I ordered the parent guide for Mercies at the Manger, and we used it for our advent devotional during December. I read through the daily devotional each night at the dinner table and had the kids look up the Bible verses together. We answered the questions out loud. It was great tool to use to guide our Bible study and discussion at dinner during December. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.