Student Record and Planner

  • Papers are piled high on the kitchen table, the baby is putting Legos in the dog bowl and your 12 year old can't seem to do a single math problem without your help.

    Trust me. I get it. Homeschool life is busy, sometimes chaotic, and often a bit of a mess. How can it not be when you are home all day?

    I'll admit defeat on the never-ending pile of dishes, but not on our homeschool day. It's too important to let this part go to chaos. That's why I developed this Student Record and Planner. It's one stop lesson planning, record keeping, and accountability tool that's a win-win for any homeschool family.

    It's homeschool made easy. Who doesn't want that, right?

**Please NOTE: This item is on backorder and not expected to be back in stock until the fall. You can get on the waitlist below or purchase the digital version by clicking here.

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