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Student Record and Planner

It's time for a BETTER system!

The Student Record and Planner promises instant organization for your homeschool year and your record keeping.

Plus, it teaches kids to learn independently through responsibility and accountability.

Simple. Flexible. Priceless as the backbone of your homeschool. 

If you'd like a digital copy, instead of the softcover, please click here.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 73 reviews
Charlotte Anderson

My kids Love these planners!
They are well thought out, organized easy to use!
Saves us so much hassle!

Jes M
We Love This Planner

Very well thought out and designed homeschool student planner. Keeps my kids organized and not overwhelmed. The additional record keeping sections are an added bonus!

Visually Attractive

Visually, this is very-well done. I appreciate the colors and simple but engaging layouts to the page. I don't use every page, and I like that I can choose which ones suit our needs. This is flexible and easy for students to use.

Michelle Kramer
Best Tool I've Purchased

My son is very independent and strong willed. We used to fight constantly over homeschool, but this planner has put an end to it! He's currently in 2nd grade. I just fill in the subjects that need to be completed each week and then he takes over. He loves checking everything off and getting a grade each day. We don't use every section of this planner but it's still worth every penny and more.

Tiffany Harris
Great Student Planner

This planner has been great for my 4th grade son. We are new to homeschooling this year (2021) and they didn't have student planners at his public school. The is very easy to use and was very helpful when you a new and don't really know where to start. It's been fun to work on this together as we have been "learning the ropes" the last couple of weeks. It is very helpful to help with independence for the student and gives them a sense of accomplishment.


These planners are so easy and helpful! My kids do most of the work, and they enjoy it! It keeps them organized in both school and life. LOVE IT!

Great Planner

Simple and straightforward, yet you can pack a lot into it and use it in such a way that fits your child/homeschool. I like that it's not bulky or takes too much time to set up.

Holly Gouge
Great Biblical Perspective

With my back ground I'm thankful for the perspective of looking at homeschool. Such an encouragement!

Kate Hobson
Excellent resource

My 11 yr old is using this planner. It has helped her be on track with her work and see her progress each week.