Student Record and Planner

It's time for a BETTER system!

The Student Record and Planner promises instant organization for your homeschool year and your record keeping.

Plus, it teaches kids to learn independently through responsibility and accountability.

Simple. Flexible. Priceless as the backbone of your homeschool. 

Customer Reviews

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Kayla Sullivan
Nice layout

I like how detailed this planner/record keeper is. The layout makes it easy to keep records of everything you child is doing throughout the school year.

Rachel Zirkel
Responsibility and accountability

We love using this with our kids. It keeps them accountable and being able to know what needs done each day. It encourages them to be independent learners and take initiative. Love this!!!

Exactly what we've been looking for!

We love that this planner is un-dated. We've been searching for something to help my rising 6th grader to take more responsibility for his academics. This planner is perfect for that! I set the schedule and he can work independently.

Life saver

Litterly my homeschool life saver! This give me the freedom to set the schedule and my kids all ages the ability to work independently and feel so confident! We love these!!!!

Organizing is key…

We purchased this book and have it filed away ready to use for next school year. I can’t wait!!! We struggled keeping our to-do lists handy and dates of when projects were due so I am hopeful this will enhance and streamline our homeschool events next year while helping my children be better responsible in keeping up with their own lessons and due dates. Thanks!

Adele Rhymer
Perfect for high school and elementary

Both of ours girls enjoy this planner. They are 17 and 11.
It gives them both a great sense of independence.

Easy to put kids in control over their education tracking!

I'm so excited to use these with the kids. I want the kids to be responsible for managing their own work and keep up with their education. This is an easy to use, put together book so they can each use it.

Ashley Mead

I have always struggled with getting my oldest to really engage with his lessons and take ownership of his week, and this planner was just the thing we needed! He loves being able to easily see what he needs to accomplish for the day, and then getting to check off each subject once it's complete. I wasn't sure how he would feel about the habits and evaluation sections of each week, but he is most often the one reminding me that I need to complete them so that he can see how he has improved - love it! If you are looking for an easy & manageable way to track lessons, grades, reports, etc., then you need this planner!

Rachel Behr
Great organization!

I love how this tool helps the student to be so organized! The setup is fantastic! Cannot wait for my kids to use these in the future!