#NotConsumed Prayer Journal

I have a confession to make: I'm a journal junkie. Specifically, a prayer journal junkie. I've used dozens and seem to always have a handful of half-written-in journals lying around. You too?
Meet the #NotConsumed Prayer Journal. You'll find . . .
🙏 Organized and intentional layout
🙏 Manageable chunks for daily prayers
🙏 LONG-TERM prayer lists
🙏 Gratitude and daily highlight prompts
🙏 Durable, spill-proof, and beautiful format 

Great for teens or adults, you will have everything you need for an entire year of prayer, including the pen! New to prayer? That's okay, too! We will guide you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 253 reviews
Sarah Gamlieli
Mom’s Morning Basket

I added this to my personal morning basket this year. It is so beautiful and I love recording my prayers and looking back on all the Lord has answered me. It’s perfect for mama’s morning quiet time.

Jessica Waite
Beautiful and helpful

This prayer journal has been a beautiful addition to my personal quiet time! I've tried using a blank journal to record my prayers, but I love that this one is so organized and includes space to keep track of ongoing requests. I also appreciate the different categories of prayer requests. I'm so glad I bought this!

Jennifer Roche
Prayer Journal

I love the journal, it gives a good outline for keeping Christ the center of my prayers. The ink is a little light for my eyes. Overall a great purchase.

Arielle Sukhram-Ziemer
Great for reflection

I just bought this a few weeks ago and have really enjoyed it. The reading plan has been great, especially as I recently decided to go through the Bible chronologically. It's helpful to have pages for long term prayers as well as daily thoughts. The only thing I would add is more bookmarks so I could easily flip to all the different sections I'm using.

Look forward to using each day

Bought this at convention. Have so enjoyed using this. Not every day but working up to that. I look forward to spending time in each section as I think and pray. I've used the ACTS model of praying for years and to now have a beautiful journal to write in using this method is wonderful. The quality of the design, thick front and back cover to protect it, the gold binding is just gorgeous, the thick pages of paper, all is done perfectly. I will be buying more for sure! So glad I got one of these.

Such a Gorgeous Set

This set arrived beautifully packaged in a printed gift box that matches the design of the journal, complete with a gold pen. The quality is amazing and this feels like it will hold up well to lots of use. I love the simple and consistent layout of the pages, and the sturdy snap-in bookmark is one of my favorite things as well. I know that this journal will help me grow in my prayer life and will also serve as a wonderful way to reflect on things later

Christine Hammond

I happen to stumble on this website quite by accident, but I am very thankful I did. I read the reviews and looked through pictures of the Prayer Journal. Although I have made up my own (looked through so many different ones), this one really appealed to me so I thought I would order it. I was going out of town soon, and I was hoping I would get it before I left, and I just got it today! I live pretty far away and it only took four days to get to me. I have looked through it and it looks so awesome! I was truly on the lookout for something that would take me deeper in my prayer life, and this looks perfect. I cannot wait to get started, and I’m so thankful for such a resource! If you’re not sure, try it and you will not be sorry!

Cadillac of prayer journals

This is THE most comprehensive prayer journal I have ever seen! To top it off, it comes with a sleek gold pen, a plastic bookmark and stickers. The daily topics stretch me to think and expand in areas like gratitude. Great gift for others too.

Ashley Borders
Wonderful journal!

This journal is designed beautifully and is just what I’ve been looking for in a daily prayer journal!