#NotConsumed Prayer Journal

I have a confession to make: I'm a journal junkie. Specifically, a prayer journal junkie. I've used dozens and seem to always have a handful of half-written-in journals lying around. You too?
Meet the #NotConsumed Prayer Journal. You'll find ...
🙏 Organized and intentional layout
🙏 Manageable chunks for daily prayers
🙏 LONG-TERM prayer lists
🙏 Gratitude and daily highlight prompts
🙏 Durable, spill-proof, and beautiful format 

Great for teens or adults, you will have everything you need for an entire year of prayer, including the pen! New to prayer? That's okay, too! We will guide you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 211 reviews
Betty Freck
Love this Prayer Journal!

I have thoroughly enjoyed this prayer journal. I can’t say enough good about it. It has been such a staple in my daily devotions and has helped give me a more fulfilling prayer life. I find myself praying more since I’m writing in it throughout the day. I take it everywhere with me. It has also helped me to focus on gratitude/thankfulness at the end of the day which I struggle with especially on those hard days.

Cynthia Smith
Great tool for thoughtful prayer time

So much to pray over! So nice to keep it orderly. Helps to see all that God is doing/answering for His people!

Suzanne Dolwick
Love this journal

This is a great journal. I only wish it was a little bigger. And it had places for brain dump on the pages and the space for thanksgiving was bigger. Maybe steal room from the highlight section. I also wish it was a bit more flexible. For now, I take sticky notes and attach to the pages if I need more room to write.

Julie Tomlinson
Wonderful Prayer Journal

This is by far the best prayer journal I have ever used. I love the set up on each page that keeps me focused on Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving and Supplication. The verse of the day is a nice feature. If that weren't enough, the resources in the back are fantastic-places to record prayer requests and answers, God's promises and character, things to be thankful for, etc. The journal is filled with scripture. It truly is lovely. It has helped me maintain the discipline of spending time in prayer with God. Thank you!!

Kimberly Curia
Prayer Journal

I ordered the prayer journal initially in late 2021. So I began using it on January 1, 2022. I love it - it’s got just the right amount of prompts & space to help my morning time with the Lord be well spent time! I was used to just a free form blank page type of journal prior to using yours. So it took a week or so to adjust - but once that happened, it has been SO great. I ordered 3 last year. Kept one for myself & gave 2 as gifts. When I reordered in September (b/c mine was full from daily entries!), I ordered 4 - one for myself & 3 to give as gifts!

Melanie Merkle
Love this journal!

I started using this journal at the beginning of 2022 and just ordered my second one. I love the various layouts of the pages. The journal is beautifully done and comes with stickers! I don't care how old you are....stickers are awesome. The guides at the back are very helpful and are great when you are stuck in a rut. I'll be ordering this journal again and again.

Tiffany Anderson
Growing in Spiritual Disciplines

Started using this prayer journal a month ago. It is a new discipline for me so it has been a slow-go. Now it has become a daily habit and I look forward to those early morning moments with the Lord. I highly recommend this journal.

Joanna Neal
Just what I needed

I love this prayer journal so much, I have even given as a gift.
The simplicity of it allows you to make it yours but at the same time guiding you to focus on certain things if needed.
I love that you don’t have to fill up the page every day, just like God's mercies being new everyday--well, so are your prayer journal pages.


This journal is absolutely gorgeous! I've always preferred to write my prayers as it helps me focus, though I admit I've not been supremely diligent in doing so. I absolutely adore this journal and its setup. Having such a beautiful designated space to journal prayers will hopefully be a huge incentive to follow through. It's perfect down to its packaging! The box it came in is too pretty to throw away! My only complaint is that there are such small spaces to write in. Perhaps it would be better if made in an 8x10 size? Either way, I love it, and it's a wonderful resource to have!