My Golden Ship Audio Drama

We all know the gnawing feeling that rears its ugly head as envy. Christians are not exempt, as we see in the case of Charlie, who says, “But don't it seem hard that some folks should have everything, and the other folks nothin’?” Soon Charlie realizes that envy escalates to bitterness, and that his idea of what it's like to have everything is far from the truth.

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Meg B
An Adventurous Tale that Resolves

I accidentally ordered this audio drama thinking it was a Patch the Pirate CD. I was worried that my 5-year-old wouldn't be able to follow the story line and debated returning it, but decided to keep it for the sake of my preteens. I was worried for nothing- not only did he enjoy the story, but he decided to commit his life to Jesus because of it. My older two listened to the story over and over again. My husband and I were moved to tears by the ending. I would recommend it to Christian families who enjoy adventure and meaningful conversation. However, I would advise that anyone triggered by domestic violence proceed with caution, as in one scene a man under the influence of alcohol beats his wife.

Jennifer Horstman

Great audio quality and content. My kids enjoyed it so much!

Amanda Jurgens

I had tried to use audios before, but this was the first one our 7 year old really enjoyed and kept asking to listen to. Great character qualities you want your children to learn and model after.

Love these!

Ok, so that aside, be warned: they are excellent audio dramas, and all because of Not Consumed, I just spend about $100 on more! So, you have been warned. They will leave you wanting to listen to more, and challenge you and your children spiritually, even giving them scriptural views of things like submission, how to treat others, and self-sacrifice! Highly recommend! But yeah, once you get one, you’ll want more.

Beautiful story

This story is beautiful. The main character is very selfless. The few times he feels like things are not fair, his parents give him godly advice and he accepts it. It's wonderful to see God working in all of the characters lives and hearts change. This story had me crying a number of times throughout it. Our kids absolutely love the story and have listened to it several times.