Fruit of the Tongue Bible Study

Fruit of the Tongue Bible Study

2023 Redesign, PreK age level added!

Do you find your kids complaining a lot? Or maybe they tend to speak carelessly, or even say unkind or mean things? They may know that their tongue is out of control, but they don't understand the importance of taming it.

Our Fruit of the Tongue Bible study is designed to help guide kids to an understanding that their words matter–to God and to everyone around them. While looking at Scripture, this study will:

  • Show what the Bible has to say about the impact of our words
  • Teach children the importance of speaking wisely
  • Help them learn how to build and restore relationships by controlling their tongues


Customer Reviews

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Heather E

My daughters and I did the Fruit of Tongue devotional and it was awesome! I have preteens and teens and I loved how the books are age appropriate for all ages. We loved working through each day and discussing what we learned. I loved how a topic was taken and then shown what God has to say about it and then shown how to apply it in our lives. We will definitely be ordering another series!!

Kimberly Rogers
Words are so important

We love how the Biblical truths and practical applications for what we say, what we don't say, and why are integrated into this study. The use of stickers was thoughtful and engaging and helped my boys understand the fruit of the tongue idea.

Lisa Roland

We are only a couple days in to this study as a family, but when both my 10th grader and 7th grader opened up their books and we got started they were so incredibly excited! This study has already begun some great discussions and allows us to really connect instead of me just "teaching" to them. They enjoy that I am working through the study with them and enjoy hearing what I share.

Christine Ravel
Open & go, love it!

This Bible study is so easy to just open up and go! We start our homeschool day with it. My boys (ages 4 &6) are really understanding the concept of the fruit of the tongue and are able to explain it back to me. So happy with this purchase, looking forward to buying more of these Bible studies!

Haley Ledbetter

This Bible study is absolutely amazing ! It teaches us , me included, not just my kids, how we should be speaking ( humbly, respectfully, kind, loving,etc) .. how every word we say matters !! Our words can bring death or life! It's been an awesome study!!

Great Study

This has been such a great study for all of us. It is engaging, and the kids love participating in discussion.

So applicable!

I mean does anyone not have an issue with their tongue? I loved how this provided so many opportunities for my girls to talk about how someone else's words affected them including my own words to them at times.

Jennifer Welch
Favorite study!

This Bible study was my favorite out of all the studies we have done so far. I could see a change in my children (and myself!) on how they treated each other and how they were wise about what came out of their mouths. I will probably do this study again in the future as a refresher! I definitely recommend this to other families- it was a huge blessing to us all.

Wonderful Study

This was great for our whole family to go through together and encouraged us parents as much as the kids! We had many great discussions outside of doing the study and it gave us as a family a framework for how we want our speech to be etc. I am very thankful for this study as well as the other ones we have done and I look forward to doing more!