Fruit of the Tongue Bible Study

2023 Redesign, PreK age level added!

Do you find your kids complaining a lot? Or maybe they tend to speak carelessly, or even say unkind or mean things? They may know that their tongue is out of control, but they don't understand the importance of taming it.

Our Fruit of the Tongue Bible study is designed to help guide kids to an understanding that their words matter–to God and to everyone around them. While looking at Scripture, this study will:

  • Show what the Bible has to say about the impact of our words
  • Teach children the importance of speaking wisely
  • Help them learn how to build and restore relationships by controlling their tongues


Customer Reviews

Based on 156 reviews
Christine Seal
Great for every age!

I have children ranging from 10 to 19. We thoroughly enjoy our discussions and have been encouraged to grow further in our faith.

Karen Lorenz
Wonderful for both child and parent

This is such a great study for EVERYONE! I wish I could just hand these out because I think all people could benefit from it. Thank you!

Great study

I bought the study for my youngest daughter and she loves it! We go over the day and she gets to learn about the fruit that we produce and how it looks and affects others.

Amazing study!

We are a few days into this study and I am loving it! Not only that, but my kids are loving it too. We have learned so much already and I'm excited to see where it goes.

Nicole Pierce
We love it!

We're about halfway through, my kids are really enjoying it. They are 6 and 7, and the material is very age appropriate, well laid out. Easy to teach. We have already ordered more studies and are excited to start those after thumbing through. I am pleased to have found not consumed 🙌 ; definitely recommend!

Great for kids & Mom!

This was a fantastic study that checked my heart just as much, if not more. Definitely one we will do again!

Judy O.
Fruit of the Tongue

Even though we'll just be starting week 3, it's been easy to get through the studies, and very applicable for our Youth Group! We normally let our group pick a monthly theme, and this works for so many and has encouraged them to come up with other ideas as well! Thanks for such a great resource/tool!

This has really helped with remembering to say things that are nice and true!!

This study is great! Really helps teach to watch what comes out of your mouth!! Is it necessary!? Is it kind? Is it true? My children have learned so much goodness and love with this study!! It's easy daily lessons!! The advocado pen is really fun to go with it!! My children enjoy the stickers and the fun pen!!!

Such a blessing

This study has been such a blessing to me. Unfortunately I can't share doing this with my kids, so I am doing it by myself. However, this study has been quite resourceful to me, and I stumbled on it just at the right time.