Elijah and the Famine Audio Drama

When an eccentric professor brings his time machine to Crestview Elementary School for the science demonstration, six unsuspecting students are in for the adventure of a lifetime as they are accidentally sent back in time!


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Loved it!

My boys loved listening to Prof. Phineas T. Bogs! It was such a fun story, and well dramatized. Some audio stories are great but lacking in the acting/dramatics and this one does not disappoint. We have listened to one other Phineas T. Bogs story, and were bummed to not see any others. Definitely one we'll listen to again!

A Fun Story!

We love audios, and this was a new one to us. A great story, well acted out, and kept our family's attention to the end. I love that Not Consumed thought of selling the audios to go along with the Bible Studies, a great idea and a good way to cement the Biblical lessons being taught in the studies.

Silvia Castillo

My six and nine year old were hooked from the beginning. I was too! This was a beautiful and powerful audio drama that we used during our biblical studies for our homeschool. My children have listened to it more than once and want more Professor Boggs.

Loved it!

I cannot believe that my boys (12, 12, and 14) totally enjoyed listening to this audiobook! I wasn't sure they would like it. We've never really tried audiobooks so I was hesitant to purchase this. They loved it and couldn't wait to get back in the car to hear more of the story! I was shocked but so thankful! Thanks again for a great, faith-building product! I have passed it along to another family knowing that they will LOVE it!

Monique Nieto
Well worth the price!

I was on the fence with this purchase. I thought my 10 year old daughter would think it was too babyish and I wasn’t sure my 8 year old son would follow along BUT I’m glad I was wrong! They love it so much! They couldn’t get enough and we finished it in a about a week (would have been in the 2 hour time frame if it wasn’t just listening in the car). We all would love more of these!


My kids loved this! They are used to listening to theatrical audio, and this one was a hit. I regret not adding on the audio story to the last study I ordered, that won't happen again!

Tara Fletcher
Professor Phineas T Boggs Review

Super cute story! It goes right along with what we’re learning in the sibling study and the kids love hearing the Bible stories and learning about the Bible in this fun way!

Danielle Zehring
New Audio fave!

My kids are obsessed with The Brinkmans Adventures audio drama...they were so excited to try this new audio drama with their study.

Rachel K.

We loved listening to this audio drama. My 6 and 4 year old have asked to listento it over and over again. I would highly recommend getting this to go with your study.