Developing a Quiet Time Bible Study

Developing a Quiet Time Bible Study

Reading the Bible in their own personal devotional time is a big step for young Christians! It's a learned habit and can be overwhelming because it does not come naturally, especially to kids! As parents, we can help our kids by providing resources for their daily quiet time. 

Over the course of 28 days, our Developing a Quiet Time Bible Study teaches the importance of a consistent quiet time, helps build habits that will last a lifetime, and even includes daily songs, memory verses, and prayers for a more fruitful and vibrant time spent with God.

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Customer Reviews

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Tirzah-marie Lewis
Calmed a public school mama's fears...

I homeschooled for 3.5 years but this year we had to go back into the public schools and I was determined to make sure they start their day with the Lord. We have "quiet time with God" at the dining table each morning. (My kids are 9 and 10 - late elementary/Jr high.) They are enjoying searching in their Bibles, highlighting the verses, and flagging their pages. We start with the hymn and we do the 2 pages quietly. When we are all done we talk through the questions. This has provided so much richness in just the first week of use! My kids love the gentle start to their day and look forward to it every day. At first, they thought they had to write everything word for word but within days got the hang of writing down what they learned from the text or their insights from the message of the verses. Our conversations are growing richer as they practice being in the Word daily. My hope is that this becomes a routine and then a 'Habit!' so as they get older they will do it no matter where they are. I knew I wanted to cultivate this in them but coming up with the material myself was an extra challenge so when I found Not Consumed I was so excited and these studies have exceeded my wishes. So easy to start and right at their level of comprehension, reinforcing Biblical truths and offering topics for growth and conversation. I'm so elated - I have already texted family and friends (and a couple of strangers) the link!

Leanna Machado
My kids are all enjoying it!

This has been a good study to provide structure for my kids to spend time in the Word and with the Lord on their own.

Tracee Foster
Exactly what I was looking for!

Us Moms know how busy life gets. This has been the perfect study which engages me as well as
My 9 year old. It’s laid out beautifully and she loves doodling and journaling out scripture. I love that she looks forward to our weekly dates. We do the best with what we can. Though I wish we could do this daily and develop a daily thing we have found it hard to do that but we do try to daily talk through out the week about what we learned on our Monday dates and hold each other accountable through the week with our Good morning God and our scriptures we learned about. She is able to understand what she reads though some words she doesn’t always know and that has been a wonderful time of explaining ad well. I wanted to have something that we would be able to do together that would hold her attention and not feel overwhelming and she would like. Not only has it done those things but she and I both look forward to that time with God and each other.

Elisabeth Cromack
Very Helpful

This is a great tool to build a quiet time habit together. It helped me keep on track with my own quiet time while giving us things to discuss together. I love that it gets to the WHY of developing a quiet time beyond it just being something we "should" be doing.

Racheal Johnson
What a Great Study

My children and I have learned a lot from this study. It is put together very well. And has been such a blessing. We're looking forward to developing this Great habit. Of studying God's word.

Tracy Crouch
Such a blessing!

My 11 year old son and I completed this devotional a month or so ago. It was phenomenal! We both enjoyed it and gained so much from it. I'll be honest in saying that I was hesitant when the Parent Guide challenged me to learn a scripture along with my son. But what a blessing! I'm so thankful to have that scripture written upon my heart. The best part is that everything points back to the Word! 🙌🏼❤️

Sequoia Academy
Loving our Time in God's Word

I purchased the Quite Time study for my boys (15 and 11). They both have enjoyed doing them, especially my youngest. We do it together, and it has been amazing to see him not like doing it so much at first (he doesn't like to write a lot) to now enjoying it. He even prayed one night that God would help him to have a better attitude about doing it. We are almost to the end of this study, and he is super excited about getting a new Bible and tabs, one he can highlight and mark up (like Mom does). We will get ready for our next study, and I'm excited to see what God teaches us! Thank you so much for creating these wonderful products. This mama loves that it is multi age!

Rebekah Nafziger
Establishing a habit for life

I gave this study to my oldest when she was about 11. She really enjoyed the study habits and scripture study it provided. You can’t really put a price on teaching children to develop their own relationship with God. Modeling it for them and providing the tools to launch them into their own study of Scripture is what Kim has developed with these studies. Our family continues to be so blessed by the materials and the habits developed in these series!

Loved this and the personal devotion book for my son

This was a great study. We also purchased the personal prayer time book and enjoyed that as well.