Charlie's Choice Audio drama (ages 8+)

Hold on to your seat! You are about to take a journey with Charlie, a boy of adventure and risk. Dissatisfied with his lot in life, Charlie dreams of a better future, where money can cure all ills. He dreams of living in luxury and ease and is determined to make his dreams come true! Share in Charlie’s thrilling adventures as he faces obstacles that threaten his very life. As a prisoner on a slave ship, he attempts a daring escape and an unforgettable . . . well, you’ll just have to hear it to find out! 

Customer Reviews

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Great Audiobook!

Another great audiobook from Not Consumed! We used this in the car and the kids loved it. They couldn't wait to get back in to hear more of the story. I'm thankful for wholesome stories that help shape us as family and Jesus followers!

Cara Carder
Moving story

Such a great story!!! Its all about what's truly important (family and God) and how being a great man isnt defined by power, authority, or achievement, but by sacrifice and doing something of true purpose and importance (helping the souls of man). ♥ It does get pretty sad at one point, but hold on until the ending, it all comes together beautifully!

Betty Munn
Very good story

I enjoyed the Charlie's choice story. It was done very well!