The Captive Audio Drama (ages 8+)

Kidnapped by Algerian pirates, recent graduate Anselmo finds himself on a merciless slave ship heading to the auction block in a foreign country. Having escaped the cruelty of his first master and the death grip of the desert, Anselmo is taken captive by a new master, where he finds mercy as well as condemnation. This dramatic rendition of The Captive will whisk you into a world where the clash between Islam and Christianity brings certain destruction and death. But everything changes when Anselmo begins teaching the words of Jesus, as his life speaks louder than his words.

Customer Reviews

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Jolyn C.
Amazing Story!!

We listened to this on a road trip and it kept us all on the edge of our seats! Such a beautiful story. Even my 5 year old loved it! We especially loved its message of hope that defies reason that only comes through faith in our Lord Jesus. Highly recommended!!

Michelle Foelber
The Captive

This was such a beautiful story! I cried as I listened and cheered on the characters. Thank you for this amazing audio drama that gives all the glory to Jesus!

Eileen Turner
So engaging!

Our family loved listening to this audio performance! It kept us all engaged and did a wonderful job displaying Christ-like character. We loved it.