Do Right Bible Study

Using the armor of God, this Bible study for kids will help equip them for the battle by giving them the tools they need to fight the good fight both today and for the rest of their lives.

Do Right is a 4-week Bible study on the subject of making wise choices in the face of temptation. We will explore people in the Bible who teach us a lot through their mistakes and dig deep into those who are excellent examples. We will put on the whole armor of God, learn who the real enemies are, and equip ourselves to make the right choices no matter what!

Customer Reviews

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Stacy Caldwell

Great study for my child’s age.


Have almost completed this study with my 6 year old. She is engaged and truly enjoys the time we spend together going through this study. It’s been opening doors to further questions and discussions, and I love that this is setting her up for a future that includes studying God's word. Absolutely buy this.

We loved this study!

I did the adult version of this study, and my 7-year old did the Junior version over the summer. We both had fun doing it separately and then talking about it at dinnertime. After the study, she drew the complete Armor of God and hung it in her homework area. We still talk about the "3 enemies" we have to watch out for (Satan, the world, and ourselves!) and remind each other not to let any of them win! Her only complaint was that some of the fancier fonts in the guide were difficult for her to read, but admittedly, she is younger than the recommended age for the Junior version. She's learning cursive right now, so I don't think that'll be a problem for her any more!

Very impressed

I got this for my son who is having a hard time choosing the right thing often. I am very impressed with the age appropriate content and set up.

Courtney Barefoot
Great study

I used this with my Wednesday night children's group and they loved it!

Fruitful Experience

I recently discovered Not Consumed and have purchased 5 total studies for my family of 5. We love doing these in the evening together. My sons are 8, and I struggled with getting them the primary or junior books. Ultimately I decided to get them the primary and give them the choice to write sentences or draw pictures. My daughter is 6 so I like having them work on the same types of books. I plan on coming back to this study again in a year or two, and I’ll buy them the older books next time.

Very pleased

My boys and I have really enjoyed our Bible Study. I LOVE having this wholesome time with them. I know investing in their spiritual lives is priceless, and these wonderful studies are providing the way to do just that. We will be back for more. Brother’s Keeper is the next for us, I think! ❤️

Love it!

My kids and I love these programs! My kids range from 8-14 in age. Thank you for working so hard to help our families have some spiritual enlightenment in their lives!

Great topic

I did this with my oldest daughter a while back and we LOVED IT! It was so simple but so rewarding. It wasn't so long and drawn out that she lost interest but it was packed with goodness! I forgot about these for a while but just came back today to order several more for her and my other kids! These really are great studies!