JOY Prayer Cards for Kids

Do your kids say the same things every time they pray? Does it seem like they're just repeating words they've heard adults say, and don't really understand what they mean?

Our JOY Prayer Cards are the perfect resource to take those repeated "God bless my family" prayers and develop them into a robust, faith-filled prayer life. This set of 28 cards with four different themes:

  • Provides prompts for prayer
  • Teaches a prayer strategy for your kids to learn
  • Introduces different categories for your kids to pray through

These cards are a practical tool for both parents and kids, so order a set and help your kids pray thoughtfully and sincerely right away!

Customer Reviews

Based on 95 reviews
Just what we need ….

When I saw these online ,I was excited to try them out. I think it is a brilliant idea. My 11 year old says the same thing for nighttime prayer. She enjoys using these cards and twice when I’ve forgotten to use then, she has reminded me. I really believe these are going to help her with praying and give her a simple outline and ideas. It feels like a simplified prayer list that is broken into small pieces to not overwhelm. I bought this and the Foundations Jr set. I cannot wait to purchase the Christmas cards. High quality and beautiful,

Stephanie Baker
Quality and Use

I bought two sets of these for my six year old grandchild — one for home and one for my house. As if the quality and aesthetic’s were not over the top, the added bonus is that my daughter is also learning to pray again as she listens to me lead morning prayer (on the phone) as they drive to summer camp and then I get to hear them use their set at bedtime. Thank you!

Lovely Cards

We love using these to help us out of the mealtime prayers rut. They have deepened the way my kids think about prayer and I hear them intentionally trying to use their words carefully. Love these and highly recommend!

Stacey W
Great resource

These Joy Cards are a great resources for young children so they can see a good way to begin teaching young children to pray for others. This would also be great for older children who may pray the same prayer or may need help praying for others. I am very satisfied with this purchase.

Leslie D
Great helper for kids who struggle with what to pray

These have been especially helpful to my teenager (and me, too!). His prayers are flourishing with the help of these cards. He's gone from short, shallow words and phrases, to having very deep and specific prayers and petitions. My younger son still feels very nervous about praying out loud in front of others, but these have been a good starting point for me to help him figure out what to pray.

Joy Cards

These are great cards to help broaden anyone's prayer life when you feel stuck or may not know what or how to pray. Love these!

Ashley Borders

I have used these cards for years since my oldest was young. They are simple to use with all ages!

Lori Mast
Very good prayer guide

As my daughter and I pray together before bed, I have always felt stuck in the same old rut. We use a card every night, and I feel like we are praying for so much more than I would have thought about before. With each card having the YOU focus, it keeps things fresh and new each time.

Sharon Traywick
Simple yet effective

These cards are attractive, easy for a child to follow, and so helpful in deepening their conversations with God. Thank you Not Consumed!