#NotConsumed Prayer Journal

I have a confession to make: I'm a journal junkie. Specifically, a prayer journal junkie. I've used dozens and seem to always have a handful of half-written-in journals lying around. You too?
Meet the #NotConsumed Prayer Journal. You'll find . . .
🙏 Organized and intentional layout
🙏 Manageable chunks for daily prayers
🙏 LONG-TERM prayer lists
🙏 Gratitude and daily highlight prompts
🙏 Durable, spill-proof, and beautiful format 

Great for teens or adults, you will have everything you need for an entire year of prayer, including the pen! New to prayer? That's okay, too! We will guide you.

Customer Reviews

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Cadillac of prayer journals

This is THE most comprehensive prayer journal I have ever seen! To top it off, it comes with a sleek gold pen, a plastic bookmark and stickers. The daily topics stretch me to think and expand in areas like gratitude. Great gift for others too.

Ashley Borders
Wonderful journal!

This journal is designed beautifully and is just what I’ve been looking for in a daily prayer journal!

Sarah Gamlieli
A Wonderful Gift

I sent this as a Mother’s Day gift to my mother. She absolutely loved the design and quality of this product.

Jennifer Lewis
Fantastic For Adult Or Teen

The kids have all their journals, but here's one for older kids or adults. I love it! Classic, elegant design with a snap in bookmark and pen. It comes with stickers it note answered prayers, motivational sayings, and holidays. The daily prayer section entails multiple subsections covering all areas of life, the good and the bad, to note and pray about. Smaller section for study are in the back in the categories of adoration, confession, thanksgiving and supplication. There's even a small pocket flap in the back to hold small papers/notes. Such a great job in creating this product!

Love it!

I like that it has both a daily section and a long-term section for prayers. I also appreciate the suggestions. They’re helpful for when you don’t know what to say.


You will not regret this purchase. It has been an encouraging tool for the last few weeks and helped me tremendously in my prayer time.


My word for this year was Transform. I wanted a transformation in several areas of my life - health, focus, habits, but especially spiritually. I ordered the Not Consumed Prayer Journal a month ago and must say it is life changing. It focuses my scattered thoughts on each aspect of prayer ACTS - I have prayed after the manner of the Lord's Prayer for years, but must say I often get distracted or focus on one area more than others or even follow my thoughts somewhere else altogether. This journal focuses my mind on a specific area for a short time - then allows a deeper dive into some areas such as supplication, thanksgiving, and confession. Especially meaningful for me is the confession part. Of course, I have prayed often daily for the Lord to forgive my sins, even those I am not aware of. However, this really makes me examine my day, where was I not thoughtful of others? Who might I have hurt today? What did I have an opportunity to do that I passed up? (helping others). Each little box causes me to pause and really examine my life, my thoughts, my desires, my thankfulness. I can't wait to see the difference in me through this discipline in the months ahead.

Regarding the actual book, layout, etc. I like the variety of placement of each topic on the daily pages, The scriptures scattered throughout, directing attention to each topic. The text is light and at times difficult to read, but I also like that this makes it about my prayers more than titles. The spiral bound makes it lie flat, sometimes awkward for writing close to the spine - but not overly so. I find the design pleasing and well designed for its purpose.

Thank you, Kim, for such a wonderful tool.

Great Gift

#NotConsumed Prayer Journal is a hearty guided journal, with mini apologetic lessons found in the section covering the names of God. The journal itself has a flexible yet durable cover and thick enough pages. It is housed in its own shipper box that matches the color of the journal cover. I have re-purchased this journal a few times since its release to gift to others. The feedback is always so positive. Comments include: Beautiful; Love the matching pen (gold barrel), attachable bookmark, and STICKERS; Having deeper devotional time and meditation; thought provoking; learning new aspects of faith (commented by new believers)! Because of the design, I have only gifted these to women. If there were a neutral option (maybe the gray or teal like the re-designed sermon notebooks) I would gift those to my male relatives. All in all, in my opinion, this a great value for a journal for its contents and design.

Shelli Albright
Beautiful and functional

I have been using my journal for about a month now and I am eager to dig into it every day. I am not a morning person, but have been motivated to wake up 30 minutes to spend time in Scripture and prayer. I tend to have a wandering mind when trying to pray, and this journal does the job of keeping me focused.