Prayer Sticker Collection

This fun and engaging Prayer Sticker Collection is a great addition to your favorite notebook or our #NotConsumed Prayer Journal

The 20-page sticker collection is a fun, hands-on way to help you remember what you are learning and share those truths with others!

Customer Reviews

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Becky M
Great for encouragement

These stickers are great to stick all over my calendar, my planner and little notes I send to others. I love they are small enough to not take up the whole planner date, but still bring a smile to my face!

Stickers! Need I say more?

These stickers are the perfect complement to the prayer journal, but also gorgeous and useful without the journal. I ordered one pack at a conference and misplaced them, then found them again after purchasing a second pack, so I gifted one to a friend who also loves stickers. When I purchased the second pack they sent with it a replacement page as one page has some misprints on it. That was very kind and considerate and shows the heart of this company! The packs look small, but they are packed full with way more stickers than you could imagine in the booklet. May have to purchase another for my daughter who has taken several for decorating her desk items. 😀

Jennifer Horstman

My kids love stickers! Such a good way to add some extra fun to their study time!

So Fun!

These are such fun stickers! Bought them to just add a touch of color and fun to my prayer journal, and was surprised at how many stickers there were in the pack! They are great to use so that I can quickly see answered prayer and to encourage me to remember God’s faithfulness as I write in my journal.

Laurie V
I love it!

I purchased the prayer stickers. I love the designs. Very cute! I also purchased 2 prayer journals. Thank you for designing these products.

Linda Fleager

I love the stickers! It breaks up the usual!! It helps me see that something really good is there and I should reread it! I also use it in my prayer journal to mark something I want to watch for an answer, or something that simply means a lot to me. There are lots & lots of them, too!! Create some more...brighter colors maybe?

Amanda Creider
Great for Creative Outlet and Reinforcing the Word

I love these stickers. I use them with my prayer journal and it's great to reinforce the Scripture and each section of prayer. They also let me be creative while reinforcing the Word. The answers prayer stickers with the date are particularly awesome as I can use them as I look back at how God is working on my prayer life. I'd recommend definitely using these to take your prayer journal to the next level, be great I've, and have a little fun while working through the journal. They are also neat to use to decorate water bottles, tumblers, your computer, tablet, etc. Anywhere you need reminders of God and His Word.

Karen Davidson
Great Stickers!

I love the stickers and I use the in my prayer journal and my planner. They are beautifully done and are very applicable.

Rebecca Schlabach

I love stickers and these did not disappoint! Highly recommend!