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Developing a Quiet Time Bible Study

Developing A Quiet Time


Is it THEIR faith or yours?

With 66% of young people walking away from today's churches, we know we've got to be incredibly intentional about helping our children build a solid foundation of faith. Developing a daily quiet time is one giant step on this journey.

But few people ever learn HOW to have a quiet time, much less why God wants us to. (Truth: I didn't learn until I was in my 30s!) 

Don't let this happen to your child. We've made it super easy to help your child develop this crucial habit.

Developing a Quiet Time is a biblical study for kids that walks them through the process of learning to have a daily devotional time with God. During 4 weeks of study, they will learn what the Bible has to say about this topic, how a daily quiet time will affect their life, and a simple way to spend their time with God. At the end of the study, kids have guided practice as they learn to take the reins on their own. Written for ages 8 and up.

We suggest purchasing one softcover book for each child, as these books are intended to be written in. We also strongly recommend that you allow your child to work independently for this study, as the goal is for them to learn how to spend time with God! 

How to Use as a family

I'm a BIG fan of regular discussions about Biblical topics. Most of our studies are written to be used by the whole family at various age levels. But this one is different. As mentioned above, this Bible study is written to help kids learn to have a quiet time. This is something you do ALONE of course! But that doesn't mean parents have no place.

Meet with your child regularly to discuss what they are learning in the study.

Discussion is the best way to help your kids read the Bible for themselves and develop the kind of PERSONAL faith they need as they grow older. When you have to repeat what you've learned, it creates deeper learning.

Make the Bible Come Alive

Help the Bible come to life for your kids through award-winning audio dramas. The Developing A Quiet Time Bible study bundle makes an excellent faith-filled gift as it encourages Spiritual growth through engaging Bible study, exciting audio drama and daily truth reminders (that just so happen to look pretty cool.) Click here to upgrade!

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